27 October 2012

Heeeeere's Johnny!

Ok, folks, I'm back on line.  Don't ask me how or why, but when I woke up this morning and found we have 4 lights on the router.  And the technician appointment is still for tomorrow afternoon.  I secretly feel that there is some sick, twisted, evil gremlin in the system that knows when the service technician is coming and then, MIRACULOUSLY, the system heals itself.  Kind of like when you take your car into the shop to fix that "noise" and the noise disappears (and the mechanic looks at you like you are all sorts of stupid).  This has done this to us before.  Had an outage before I was going to Manila and had booked an appointment but when the system cured itself I cancelled the appointment.  I did call Comcast again last night and really leaned into the CS guy (Shane) about the Sunday date and how I had been without a net since Monday and Is Sunday the Best you Guys Can Do?  He was, as with the rest, very apologetic and swore he would contact the local technician office and they would call me back in an hour to see if they could help.  Sat down to watch my latest NetFlix sucky choice:  Contraband (totally forgettable) and, after three hours, gave up on them (not that I had high expectations anyway).  So far, no call, but the net is working.  This time, I am going to keep the appointment tomorrow to see if the technician can figure out what the heck is the problem.        

Thanks for everyone's sympathy/well wishes.  We had been without the net I had almost reverted back to barbarism (reading the paper, watching the home shopping network, going to the library, etc.).  At least I don't have to resort to posting my blog via iPhone (for now).  It was a bit of a challenge, but in keeping with my mantra:  Improvise, Adapt & Overcome (ok, I stole that from the Marines) and I learned to work around the system.  Not to bore everyone with the details, but, basically, in order to post to my blog, I would write my blog notes in an e-mail to my yahoo account and then capture the note from my iPhone when I had a WiFi signal and post up on my blog.  And posting via that tiny screen is "interesting" to say the least.  That's why you see some repeated lines or mis-spellings.  Hard to correct some of my words after they have posted.  And forget about posting pictures (I ain't mastered that trick, yet).    

So, now I am playing catch up with everyone's blogs.  Been trying to read and comment via the iPhone, but it's been hard to keep up.  Especially with the frequent fliers (sorry Abby but your security password is hard to navigate from my phone).  

In the interim, getting back to something I started before I flew off to the Philippines last week - random pictures.  Anyone recognize this figurine?  I took this picture while on the phone with the Comcast service guy.   

Extra points if you can give me the actual name of this one  


meleah rebeccah said...

Well I am glad your internet has been "magically" fixed - but I'm also glad you decided to keep the appointment with Comcast just so they can take a look to figure out why this keeps happening.

I wouldn't have been able to survive without internet for that many days in a row. No way. No how. They longest I can go is about 24 hours and then I get all kinds of twitchy!

And also, I can't keep up with blogs on my iPhone. The screen is too small and it's tough to comment.

terri said...

Is that a Hummel? If so, and if it has a specific name, I have no clue!

Glad you're back online again. Being without the internet is PAINFUL!

carol said...

I was thinking Hummel too. That's as far as I got.

We used to have Comcast. Overpromised, underdelivered. Got a quickie divorce.

ShadowRun300 said...

I KNOW it's a Hummel. I have tons of them thanks to my mom and grandmother. When we lived in Germany they bought every single one, it seems. They passed a ton down to me, but I must not have the same appreciation because they are stored in boxes downstairs. I don't recall that particular one, however. So you'll have to share the name.
I'm so glad you're internet is up and running! I expect a plethora of posts now!