11 March 2011

Time to nut up or shut up

Did anybody see a week lying around here?  I seem to have misplaced mine.
Between work and home projects, this week has disappeared faster than a dozen doughnuts at a cop convention (old joke). 

I was just complaining about Monday's schedule and here it is Friday.  Still stuck in a bunch of different meetings (all to improve performance) or doing interviews or trying to write reports.  I am typically up at the crack of early (that happens when you have dogs for an alarm clock), fire up the coffee pot, walk the dogs, and log onto my work account to check the day's chores.  Today is a light one - only 5 meetings.  I might actually get something done today, but it is early and there is so much opportunity for things to go wrong.... 

This weekend is pretty much over already.  It is time for the Ranch Wedding for my nephew.  Rehearsal dinner tonight.  Well, it is not really a rehearsal, but more of another dinner/party.  Wedding is tomorrow afternoon on the ranch about 1.5 hours east of here.  Still trying to nail down exactly what is "Ranch Casual" but it does involve blue jeans and boots.  Not sure if I am going to take a cowboy hat.  Should be an interesting gig but will be late getting back.  There is a post wedding reception on Sunday morning, but since the bride & groom will be flying out to Jamaica at 0300, I think it is just for the parents/family of the bride.  We've passed on that event since junior is in just for the weekend and is heading back to Austin around noon.  Something about work and attending SXSW (South by Southwest) next week so we only have a short time to see him. 

I've been talking with the nephew about his pending nuptials.  I was watching Zombieland on the cable the other night and picked up the slogan above.  The kid's getting lots of advice from us old married farts - some of it actually useful.  As one of his friends commented on his FB countdown - 36 hours to go (of freedom or new life?). 


Rock Chef said...

Another old joke:

I didn't know what happiness was until I got married - and then it was too late!

terri said...

I like the thought of this style of wedding. We went with the traditional, formal kind, like most do. Fun, but too much worry about etiquette and tradition.

Have fun!

meleah rebeccah said...

I'm excited to read about the wedding! I seem to have lost a lot of time last week too.