27 March 2011

One more lap down

Looking for my muse.  I've been by here several times and started a few ideas for posting, but never found anything that I liked with which to bother you good people.  Cannot really blame any one thing.  Work's been crazy busy.  Once again, I feel like I'm trying to juggle cats.  Haven't gotten much done at home aside of clean up the yard and trimming bushes.  Trying to build up a one of the beds and plant new flowers (lost the last ones to the cold weather).    
Planted a couple of dogs to see what comes up

With daylight savings time, it does give me more time in the evenings to walk the dogs.  Used to rush home to take the dogs out before it got too dark.  Now I am able to drive home at a leisurely pace and take the dogs to our neighborhood park to let them run off leash.  Normally, I do not let them off the leash if there is anybody else in the park.  They're good mutts and will obey most of my commands, but anytime there is another person or dog in the general vicinity, their genetics will kick in.  Remember that these two are Golden Attention Retrievers who love everyone they meet.  Grayson is the paws on dog who loves to run up and sniff/check out anybody within 1/2 mile but typically will not bother them.  Claire is licker who loves to run up to people and park herself at your feet and lick your hands.  She's got that sweet look that tends to get her lots of attention.  While most people tend to think the dogs are cute/friendly, there are those who do not like dogs and don't like it when a 68 lb wild looking hairy mutt comes barreling towards them.  That's why I will keep them on a leash whenever people are around.  Still, they do loving running free in the park.  Especially the dog park where there are lots of new things (butts) to sniff.

Marco!  Polo!

Oh, yea. One more year in the books. Celebrated another birthday last Monday. Not a milestone one, but another one I can cross off my calendar. No party, no hoopla (my preference), just a quiet dinner with my bride. My brother turns 60 next year. Plenty of time to think up something appropriate.


terri said...

A nice walk in the evening with the dogs sounds nice. As hard as it is to make that adjustment when Daylight Savings Time kicks in, that extra hour of daylight IS nice and I'm sure your furry kids appreciate the unrushed time with you as well.

Happy Birthday! Glad you were able to enjoy it the way you like... quietly.

meleah rebeccah said...

Oh Agg! Happy Birthday to you, my friend! And, I love that it does NOT get dark at 5pm anymore!

Abby said...

Happy Birthday!