18 March 2011

I'm not a nice person

I've been called a lot of names in life.  Some nice, some not.  My lovely bride has called me all sorts of names over the past 30+ years, some of them I deserve. 

Anyway, I bugged out early from the office and got home with enough daylight to do a long walk with the dogs.  As I was just getting back home, my wife called me and was wondering if I wanted to get Chinese food (she thought I was driving home at the time).  Normally, I wouldn't blink at getting some Chinese food, but I had already gotten home and had pretty much unplugged from the world.  I have a few pet peeves and one is having to go out again after you get home.  My answer was a kinda whiney "I'm already home and just got back from walking the dogs and didn't want to go out" response.  Now, she was busy taking care of her parents for most of the day and that was probably not the answer she wanted to hear, but since it was my birthday penumbra (will explain later), she gave me understanding "that's o-kaaay" response.  So after cleaning up the kitchen, I called her back and asked what kind of meal she wanted.  I drove out to our local cheap-a$$ Chinese place and got our usual orders.  When I came back home, I unloaded the food and set out dinner for me knowing she wasn't going to be home for a while.  Took the following picture of her dinner and sent it to her on her cell phone.
Claire is guarding your food for you...

I know, I am an asshole at times. 


Abby said...

Way to save yourself! I probably would've just whined - or ordered from the Chinese place that delivers.

terri said...

You're a good guy. There was no doubt in my mind.

meleah rebeccah said...

You're NOT an asshole! At least you DID go out and get the food.

I'm like you - once I get home? There's NO going back out!