12 January 2013

Down to the wire

Scattered T-Storms

Less that 24 hours to go now.  

I am down the final prep.  I am still trying to figure out what to wear.  Forecast is not looking good.  Right now it is is 71 degrees, 97% humidity (welcome to Texas winter).  Those conditions would make for a hot/humid run.  However, this is Texas and, as the expression goes:  "If you don't like the weather now, just wait a minute, it'll change."  Cold front is coming through today and is supposed to drop the temps by 20-30 degrees and bring the rain.  So tomorrow is looking to be a wet and chilly run.  They will hold the run, rain or shine.  Lightening however, is another story.  There is talk that, if there is lightening, they may postpone the start, postpone the race or even cancel it.  They may even pull runners off the course is they detect lightening during the race.  We heard that back in 2011 when we were lined up at the start and the weather was threatening - not a popular decision by a lot of runners (lots of boos, catcalls).  Everyone is watching the weather today and crossing their fingers.  We really won't know until race time tomorrow.    

I like the 50 degree temperatures, but running in the rain will be a pain.  No matter how much you prep or try to avoid it, you are going to get wet.  I may try to Camp Dry my shoes to stave off the wet, but, after 13.1 miles and 2.5 hours in the rain, I figure it is pretty much inevitable.  I am just trying to dress for the weather.  Some people run in rain gear or ponchos but I'm not one of those.  I've done if a few times and I usually wind up sweating more than actually getting rained upon.  On top of the rain, we may be facing a stiff breeze (15 mph).  That usually affects my times more than a few raindrops.  

Heading downtown now to hit the expo and pick up my packet.  Time to pick up some more race swag.  New shirt, shorts, more energy gel packs, another cowbell, race towel.  One group has set up a collection bin for shoes for the homeless.  Runners are encouraged to donate their old shoes.  I forgot to take mine last year so I plan to drop off my old New  Balance shoes that got demoted to yard duty a few years ago.  I do have another set of New Balance trail shoes that I used for Philmont that have "seen better days".  Not sure if they will take those.  I also plan to take time to scope out (drive) the course one more time just to see any changes.  

Yard shoes - they helped my do my first 1/2 marathon
Trail runners - two Philmonts, lots of miles


terri said...

Runners can definitely be a hardy bunch! Running in the rain does not appeal to me, but I know plenty who wouldn't hesitate. I suppose there's not much that can really keep you comfortable when the rain is really coming down. Ever try Frogg Toggs? Those are supposed to be lightweight and breatheable, yet keep you dry.

Whatever you wear, I hope the weather cooperates enough at least to prevent cancellation. I'll be cheering for you from way up here!

agg79 said...

Thanks. I appreciate all the support I can get. I have a pair of Frogg Toggs and they help but, for me, it is still like running in a sauna suit.

ShadowRun300 said...

We've had a few marathons get cut short here, mostly due to heat. I can understand why people would be upset if it's cancelled. I know I would be.
So my fingers are crossed for you that your run is not a total wash-out, and that there's NO lightening involved.
And may the wind be behind you the whole way....

Abby said...

I remember a couple of years ago, the officials started kicking people off the mountain in the middle of the Pikes Peak Ascent - not popular, but it was raining at the base and snowing near the top, people were literally freezing. Weather is a HUGE factor for these sorts of things isn't it?
I'm trying to send good weather juju your way. Uhm... maybe if you sacrifice those old shoes to the gods?