06 January 2013

5th time's a charm


Once again, it's official.  The course is set, the registration paid, spot confirmed, start time is less than a week away.  For some insane reasons I cannot explain, I keep going back for this abuse each year.  Come next Sunday, I will be but one of 25,000 really crazy people crammed onto the cold, dark, downtown streets at the crack of early awaiting the starting gun.  Got a notice of my bib number this morning.  Will pick up my official race packed next weekend at the expo. 

Am I ready?  Nope.  I haven't run as much as I had planned, not built up the mileage like I intended to.  I could list several excuses, but they'd just be excuses.  I have been running over the past few weeks and building the miles/distance, just not up to 13.1.  Just like last year, I feel confident I can make the total 13.1 miles, I just won't be breaking any records (except perhaps my own).  Would like to break a 2:00 course total but, given my lack of prep, that is not in the cards.  For an old fat fart, I just hope to clear the course in under 2.5 hours without croaking on the trail (considered really bad form).

It is about this time I start monitoring the weather for the upcoming week.  Right now the weather is typical for south Texas this time of year.  Cold and rainy yesterday, clear and cold today (low 40s), but we're looking to dry out this week and may hit the low 60s during the week.  The long range forecast if for rain and cold next weekend (starting temp forecasted to be in the low 40s) but, to me, that is too far away to start layering up.  Still, it does make it planning your race day attire challenge - pants or no pants?  

Ready to hit the streets


terri said...

Prepared or not, you always seem to come through these races pretty successfully. Hope the weather cooperates for you!

Abby said...

Like Terri says, it seems you always say you're not quite ready, but then you always pull it out!
Weather is such a big factor for such things. I guess you could just wear a jester costume and be done with the planning.

ShadowRun300 said...

I, too, have a feeling you'll do very well come race day. By now, your legs know what they need to do. Sure hope the weather cooperates. 40s sounds like a good temp, as long as the rains stay away!
I'll be thinkin' of ya!

Rock Chef said...

Yes, dropping dead during a run is very bad form - apparently you can get yourself banned for such behaviour! :-)

Good luck with the run - photos of funny outfits and shirts are expected, of course!

(I still think you should have done the zombie run...)

meleah rebeccah said...


I think you are totally amazing.


13 miles is 13 miles too many for this chick.
But, I will be cheering you on from the sidelines!

PS: Pants are overrated!