16 January 2013

As seen on TV

Oops.  My bad.  I sometimes mention/recommend a few of things on my humble little site and I may refer to them how someone initially referred them to me.  I talked up my rain gear as "speed shell" but that's not the official name.  The correct name of gear is Sheddable Shell.  This is rain gear that is designed to be lightweight, breathable, and disposable.  Really good for those early morning pre-race starts when you are shivering waiting for the starting gun.  I've only seen it at the Marathon Expo and bought the jacket a few years back when it looked like rain but never used it.  This year I bought the pants as well but didn't use them (should have). 

At the Marathon Health Expo, there are lots of things you can blow your money on invest in that are supposed to make you faster, feel better, last longer, look sharp.  I've picked up a few things form the expo over the past few years.  Some good, some meh.  
  • Typically, I get new running shirts/shorts (prices are cheap).  
  • Performance socks one year.  
  • Arm warmers last year (really helped!).  
  • A new pair of shooz this year (ASIC GEL-Nimbus)   
  • Running hat - lightweight hat
  • This year I got some RockTape – kinesiology tape that athletes use to tape joints/muscles from injury.  Sort of flexible duct tape for the body.  I had my knees taped this year at the expo and it really seemed to help!    
  • RockTape
  • My first year I got a Spibelt – a small neoprene belt/pouch that will hold all sorts of stuff like car keys, id cards, cell phone, energy gel packs, band aids, meds.  I don’t really like carrying a lot of gear when I run (not into the sport utility batman-like belt), so this is really perfect for my style of running.  Made by a small company out of Austin and I've been using it for all my runs for years.  
Product Image

New shooz!


meleah rebeccah said...

Side note: "As Seen On TV" ALWAYS makes me think of pajama jeans, immediately.

Hey, I think I might invest in that RockTape – if only to make it less painful when walking up and down the steps in my house. I would love to 'duct tape' my knee caps!

And ASIC sneakers are totally my favorite sneakers, ever.

ShadowRun300 said...

I love the idea of a sheddable jacket. Does it do a good job of keeping you warm while you wait? And you say it's waterproof? Did you wear your bib over or under it??
I feel like such a novice.
I plan to look into the arm warmers more, and the belt pouch. (Do you use the energy packs? and what did you do for drinks?)
I really AM a novice. Sorry for the interrogation. :)
Normally I bring NOTHING with me on a long run, but I don't want to regret that halfway through....

Abby said...

Thanks for the clarify on the sheddable shell. Maybe I'll see if the running store has them next time I'm there getting $$hoes for the running son.
My arm warmers are from Magnum's sock drawer. :)
I have seen people wearing that rock tape. It seems there's a bit of science/art to applying it.

terri said...

Does disposable just mean that they are easily removed? Or is the gear sold at a price that makes it easy to just throw them away if it becomes necessary? I know runners sometimes just have to "donate" some of the gear they toss off during a race.