27 January 2013

Best laid plans...

Had a quiet weekend planned (operative word being quiet).  Work on a few house projects, fix a drawer, clean out the closet, pack a few things away in the trailer, get a gift for my mom's birthday next weekend, put away the Christmas lights, go to the auto show.  But, one should never get too comfortable with life - it is always full of twists and turns.  

Got the call yesterday morning from Christine.  Asking for a favor.  Something about needing a transportation.  Seems that there was this OTI down in Port Lavaca that needed a ride to Houston and, since I live on the southwest part of town, I was closest, would I be up to going after her?  Sure.  Why not?  Nothing I had planned was cast in stone.  So, I gassed up the truck and headed south.     

An hour and a half later, met up with the nice couple in the Jack in the Box parking lot on the outskirts of El Campo.  After a brief introduction, paperwork was exchanged, the package was transferred, and I headed back north to Houston with my cargo.  Nice day for a drive in the country, especially now that I picked up some company.  Not much on conversation, but she was good company for the ride.   

Figured it out, yet? 











Ladies and Gentlemen, please allow me to introduce Haley.    

That's some stamp licker
Pure Golden. She's just a whisker over one year old (definitely a puppy).  Typical Golden puppy - full of energy, very curious, clingy, loving.  Has a tongue and knows how to use it.    

I call shotgun!
Now, before everyone starts adding up the numbers, she was only a temporary dog.  She was set to go to another foster family across town for the weekend until they can get her into the vet for a checkup.  I was just the transporter.  And it is a darned good thing that this was a temporary gig.  Given her looks and demeanor, she might have wound up staying with us if we did fostered her (we're 0-2 on foster dogs).  Owner Turn In, obviously well cared for, great manners, some training, groomed, and has the whitest teeth I have ever seen.  Took her by my parents house on the way home to just show her off.  The real test was to bring her home to how she does with my two mutts.  A bit shy/timid at first (mine can be a tad overwhelming), but eventually she opened up and began to explore.  All three got along well.  Definitely not an alpha dog.  A great, high energy dog that would be good for a family with older kids.  Delivered her to her new temporary home by 1800.  

So, for a brief time yesterday, the pack grew by one.  


terri said...

Awww... she's so pretty! I was confused at first but began to sense that this "package" was a dog! I wondered if you would add her to your family... found myself kind of hoping. BUT, if two is a handful, three is just asking for trouble.

It sounds like she was well cared for and probably loved in her former home. Makes me wonder what happened that she was turned in and it makes me sad. But I'm glad there are volunteers like you to keep her comfortable and happy until she finds her forever home.

Abby said...

I agree with Terri, she's a pretty girl! I had a feeling that you were speaking of a dog. I'm curious as to why she was turned in, but I'm thinking her prospects for a happy home are pretty good!

ShadowRun300 said...

Yeah - I had an inkling it was a dog as well. I'm surprised you resisted kidnapping her! Such a sweet face!
I'm guessing you didn't mind dropping the honey-do's for this spur of the moment "chore".

meleah rebeccah said...


Haley is a GORGEOUS dog!

I am so happy there are people in this world like you to keep her safe and happy until she finds her home.


Rock Chef said...

Temporary? Really? She is such a cutie!

I'll estimate that "emporary" will stretch to, say, 12 - 13 years?