02 December 2011

Typical American

Ok, time to wrap up this little road trip and get back to the real world.  Despite the 12 hour flight and hassles of international travel, I had a great trip over in Belgium and London, I only wish I had more time.  While I may grumble and gripe about the headaches, I consider myself very lucky to have the opportunity to travel for the company and try to take them in stride.  We are already making plans for our 2012 audits and, while most are closer to home (California, New York, Texas, Minnesota), there is possible trip to the Philippines that looks like it has my name on it (just so looking forward to 22+ hours travel time?).  I guess I'll worry about that later.  

In the meanwhile, I am trying to gear up for the holidays.  Only 22 days until Christmas.  Lights to hang, tree to put up, cards to write, gifts to buy, dinners to plan/attend.  

A few more shots from the road...

The Queen says hi!

Not sure who he represents
And of course, what's London without the buses?

Fish and Chips

Wooden ties?  Did I miss a fashion trend?

Kwak Beer (Belgium)
You know it's good beer when you have to serve it in its own special glass/handle contraption

Waffle girl

Belgian Waffle
Side note:  whenever I travel to a different city (domestic or international), I strive to be on my best behavior.  After my years in the military, I've seen a few "ugly Americans" and I try not to be too annoying (key word is "too").  I try to adopt to the local customs, eat the local food, drink the local brews.  When I finally got around to ordering a Belgian Waffle, the young lady offered up an array of toppings and I chose simple, whipped cream and chocolate.  Now here is where I lost some points (in her eyes).  She offered up to use either 1) dark Belgian chocolate or 2) Nutella.  Since I have never had Nutella and somebody had mentioned it earlier, I chose the latter, just so I can say I had it.  From her response, I think I insulted her.  I might as well have ordered it with ketchup.  It was really good (totally meaningless calories) but next time I will stick with the Belgian toppings.      


Rock Chef said...

Why do people give you a choice and then get upset when you choose?

The Philippines? Can't wait to read about that one!

terri said...

Oh my... the Queen is a little scary looking!

Ever since I was a kid and would see those double-decker buses in pictures or on t.v., I have wanted to ride in the top level of one. Guess I better put that on my bucket list.

The Belgian waffle looks to die for! I swear I'm going to get one of those Belgian waffle makers for at home and get all kinds of great stuff to eat on them! I would have gone for dark chocolate, but I do love Nutella.

"Abby" said...

I can't help but notice that there are a good number of beer photos in your montages... And the queen! Gee, she looks shorter on TV.

I'm with Terri - I want to ride the top of one of those buses!

meleah rebeccah said...

Fabulous photos, Agg. I'm glad you had a good trip. And I am loving the The Belgian waffle - even if the lady didn't like the toppings you chose!