01 December 2011

Point of order

To take a brief pause from my European travels while I deal with the daily crisis at work, I made this mental note to myself last week while working out of the Holiday Inn in Brussels.
To the kind young gentleman stuck in transit from one country to another, if you are going to use the hotel computer to surf the net, please follow the simple rules/guidelines:
  1. if you walk away from the terminal, it becomes fair game to any and all who want to use it
  2. try to limit your excursions to something your mother or wife would want to see
  3. if you are logged into the chat room of Babes with Burkas, please, for the love of God (or Allah), log off when you leave.
Your fellow pc users would greatly appreciate this.  


Now, let me Purell the keyboard...

Another random picture from the streets of London

Christmas display near the London Eye


Rock Chef said...

Babes with burkas? It guess it is true - the internet really does have EVERYTHING!

agg79 said...

RC - More than you can imagine. Nothing like checking out my e-mail and updating my blog and having a chat session pop up in the middle of my screen with views of women in Burkas.

Rock Chef said...

Just when you think you have reached an age where nothing will surprise you...

terri said...

I thought the burkas were supposed to discourage any babe-o-licious ideas about the women who wear them!

Pretty Christmas display. Different than the typical Christmas displays you see here. It's fun to see how other countries decorate for the season.

"Abby" said...

Babes with burkas? Uhm...

This reminds me why I don't necessarily like the use the computers at the public library.

Another nice photo - very holidayish!