24 December 2011

One day and counting

In spite of all the planning and preparation and anticipation, Christmas is coming whether you like it or not.  

So much left to do, so little time.  Even though it was chilly and wet, I took both dogs to the dog park.  Set out to meet up with a woman who sat Grayson for a week when we went to Seattle.  She had a Golden for years but it had passed away and she wasn't sure if she wanted to get back into the dog business again.  She sat Grayson for us and they had a blast.  That was two years ago and she now has two Goldens in her home and was getting ready to foster an 8 month old (she blames Grayson for getting her hooked again) and needed to borrow my kennel.  Turns out that several other GBGRR alumns were there as well.  All told, it turned out to be Golden day at the park with 9 Golden Retrievers running amok.    
Social hour at the dog park

Running with the pack
Picked up the ham yesterday.  We have gotten into a habit of getting a Honey Baked ham every year and it has become a regular routine.  HB Hams are kinda a big deal down here - several stores in the area have these hams they sell for special holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter), and near the holidays, there is a line out the door trying to get one.  They ain't cheap, but they are mighty tasty.    

And I  have finally turned the corner on the gift quest.  After weeks of scratching my head for some really cool, but not cheesy gifts for my nephews, I finally had an epiphany yesterday.  While scouring the net for ideas, I checked my Facebook account (I'm pretty dormant on FB) and noted that my nephs were into the same local brewery that is a favorite of mine (St Arnolds).  On the spur of the moment, and taking a chance, I hoped in the land barge and drove downtown to the brewery on the hope it was open and I could hit the company store.  They have an open house from 3:00 - 4:30 every day where you can sample some of the beer and sit with friends and buy some St Arnolds stuff.  Got there too late to sample the beer, but was able to score some shirts/signs/mugs for the nephews.  Even ran into a couple of old Eagle scouts from my troop (one guy is in the Air Force home for the holidays).  Scored some nice last minute gifts.  Now, if I could only shake the cough/cold that seems to have come back.

Bold squirrel
Oh, and the local indigenous tree rat population (aka squirrels) has gotten a wee bit braver/ballsy in their foraging and have taken to taunting the dogs... 

Happy Festivus!


"Abby" said...

You sound ready! Merry Christmas!

terri said...

Beer related gifts are always a big hit in our family. One brother brews his own, and he gifted all of us with one of his specially brewed Christmas ales! I'm sure your nephews were very happy with your gifts!