09 December 2011

There's always room for a good brew

Ok, Abby caught me.

She noted on the last posting that there appeared to be a pattern in my pictures.  In a number of my postings, there may be a picture or two of one of my favorite libations (aka beer).  I have to admit, on these road trips, I have an ulterior motive – I’m trying to drink my way across Europe.  Since I have only been to Germany, England, and Belgium, I have a long way to go. 

I think I explained this to Rock when we met at (of all places) a pub.  I used to be a Miller Lite fan for many years.  I experienced some really excellent German beer when stationed in Stuttgart back in the 80s, but when we moved back to Texas, I switched to “Great Taste, Less Filling”.  Oh sure, I have partaken of some of several different commercial brands like Heineken, Corona, Dos Equis, and Shiner Bock.  A few summers back, my bride and I flew out to Seattle for a week to visit with my brother and my son while he was working for the Evil Empire (Microsoft).  While we were hanging around the area, I got to sample sample several local breweries (i.e. Red Hook).  Seattle is famous for having a wide variety of some really stellar local microbreweries and I got hooked back on craft beer.  The trip wasn’t long after my cancer surgery and I've decided that life was too short to settle for cheap/mass produced beer (or scotch).  I been on a mission to try different brands and varieties wherever they present themselves.  I even rediscovered a local Houston Brewery (St Arnold) that has become my signature beer in town. 

Since I my current job has me on the road a lot, I make it a point to research the areas that I am going to visit to see if I can sample any local brews (when in Rome).  California, New York, Austin, Milwaukee, Pennsylvania, Germany, and now Belgium and England.  Some places have been a challenge to find a good brew, but Germany and Belgium were over the top.  After living in Germany, I was a German Beer fanatic and hadn't really been interested in Belgian beer in my old age (Heineken doesn't count), but while in Brussels, I had an epiphany.  The have some really, really  GOOD beer.  And sooo many varieties.  Whenever I had the evening free, I would take the train downtown and find a good hole in the wall that served up some local brew.     

When I go on these road trips, there is a running joke at my office.  I will take a picture of my meal and/or drink and e-mail it back to my coworkers.  Given the time difference I am usually out drinking for the evening when my e-mail shows up in their box in the morning.  I have gotten more than a few unprintable responses from my fellow coworkers.  I even started to amass a collection of road meals and beers from my travels and I have even created a folder in my Flickr account to track my conquests.  Juvenile?  Perhaps.  But IMHO, that's a cheap way to enjoy life.  




So many beers, so little time

Everybody has their vices.  


terri said...

I have never understood the beer "hobby." I like my beer, but when I say that, I mean that I like the one beer I drink, Michelob Golden Light. Other beers taste funny to me. Maybe it's an acquired taste thing?

agg79 said...

I agree that it is an acquired taste. Some beers have a flavor to them that is hard to describe but some people will pay serious money for.

"Abby" said...

I kind of do understand the beer hobby. I'm no wino, and going on wine tours sounds boring, but if I were in Europe, I would do the beer thing. Those Europeans know their cars and their beer.

Wonderful photo montage!

Rock Chef said...

With the spread of products world wide I think that beer is one of those things where you can still find a lot of good local variation. It would be a crime to drink American beer while in Germany!

meleah rebeccah said...

Man, I used to LOVE beer. And now I really miss it!