24 February 2010

Merit Bages

As kids, we loved to get trophies/awards/recognition. Best player, championship team, top bowler, etc. My son's room has a handful of various achievements from a soccer trophy to scouting awards to medals for scholastic achievement. Some are the generic awards you get for just being there while others are for some major accomplishment. In Boy Scouts, each Scout is encouraged to advance in rank by earning merit badges. Currently, there are 121 Merit Badges a Scout can earn, some take a few hours or a weekend to achieve while others take several months to complete. To achieve the rank of Eagle Scout, you must earn at least 21 Merit Badges but many kids earn twice that number.

Sometimes, I think that, as adults, we need some recongnition for the things we do, even the mundane. While cruising the net the other night looking for gift ideas for my brother's 60 birthday, I stumbled across a site where you can get patches for various "accomplishments". Since my brother has been heavily into scouting for years, I am already pondering a few to get him.

Old geezer

Of course, with two mutts under my roof, there are one or two I might qualify for...

Poop Patrol


Abby said...

HA! Too funny!

How much poop patrolling is necessary for the poop patrol badge? Never mind, I'm sure I've earned mine.

meleah rebeccah said...

"Sometimes, I think that, as adults, we need some recongnition for the things we do, even the mundane."

Amen to that! The Poop Patrol patch made me laugh.

terri said...

I'm desperately trying to earn my first bowling patch and I think I may have earned it by surpassing 180.

See? I still like patches too!

Would your brother appreciate that old geezer badge? He's probably used to some ribbing from you, I'm sure.

Shrinky said...

Priceless! Tho' never a truer word - everyone needs a little recognition once in a while, regardless of age.