21 February 2010

Frozen or on the rocks?

Where does the time go?

Just last month, we were celebrating Christmas and New Years!
Three weeks ago was Ground Hog's Day.
Last weekend was Valentines day.
And just last week was Mardis Gras & Ash Wednesday.

And now, on Monday (22 February) is National Margarita Day!

I must be living under a rock. Was completely unaware of this important holiday. There's still time to go out and get party decorations. Need to get in some extra salt and limes!

Thank god for the internet! Otherwise I would have missed this important occasion.

Any excuse to celebrate!


meleah rebeccah said...

National Margarita Day? Now THAT is a 'Holiday' I can totally support!

terri said...

I should call my boss and remind her that we all need a paid day off in honor of the occasion.

Rock Chef said...

But shouldn't this day be in the summer? Or is it a reminder that summer is coming?

Abby said...

Wow! Good thing I stopped by today!