18 February 2010

Dog & Pony Show

The boss is on the road for a few days and I had a fantasy that I would be able to spend this week getting caught up. HAH! Seems like I spend 1/2 my day in meetings trying to explain why I am behind. Between project reviews, supplier audits, fixing problem parts, retesting our new software, attending management (touchy-feely) training, dealing with the accountants, and coordinating the company charity golf tournament, it has kept me hopping. Sometimes I feel like I am rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

It's times like these that it is essential to keep one's sense of humor.
Our management training this week (4 more hours of my life I'll never get back) was on how to manage teams. The likes to have us participate in various role-playing exercises or list our ideas on what makes a successful team. I have been to enough of these sessions to know that, to keep your sanity, you should keep it light. Our team had to list what were some of the key aspects of a successful team in the past. Everybody had really insightful comments: Communication, Clear Goals, Recognition, Empowerment, Defined Roles, Respect of your team members, yada, yada, yada.

My contribution? Really cool team shirts.


Rock Chef said...

I like your contribution - cool team shirts means that all the other stuff is a given!

terri said...

You're the fun one in the office. I can tell!

meleah rebeccah said...

"Seems like I spend 1/2 my day in meetings trying to explain why I am behind."

Maybe if they didn't keep you IN MEETINGS for half the day, you would NOT be behind!!!