16 February 2010

Failure (again)

Who am I to deny the obvious?

I know that some of ya'll saw this coming, so I figured we might as well make it official.

Sorry guys, but put us down as another foster failure.

I honestly did not intend to set out to get a second full time dog. Was not looking for another mouth to feed, another furry hairball to chase down, another butt to pick up after. As hard as we tried not to fall in love with her, Claire wore us down. Claire's been a absolute sweetheart. She is still has a very calm/sedate disposition but is starting to come out of her shell. Grayson still thinks he rules the roost over here, but Claire is keeping him in line. They are starting to play together like a pair of puppies. She has a gentle personality and will greet everyone by sitting at their feet allowing them to pet her. Always quick with a lick and a persistent nudger, she will bump your arm if you try to ignore her for too long (like when typing on the computer). Claire and Grayson have adapted to walking together without any problems and they even tend to pace each other. The only challenge is when Claire is getting any attention, Grayson feels the need to horn in on the action. Hard to type on the keyboard with both hands petting a dog.

I took both Claire & Grayson out to a Meet & Greet at a local animal supply store (Animal Tails) on Saturday as one final outing before she starts heartworm treatment. She turned out to be a natural at the M&G. Took her about 15 minutes to figure out the system and, after that, she would sit & wait for the next group of unsuspecting people to come up and lavish her with all sorts of loving/attention. For a sweet loving dog, she sure knows how to work it.

She will be going in this morning to start her HW treatment. It looks like she'll be under house arrest for the next two months, but she at least she now has a forever home.

When did I become a softie?


勇氣 said...
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Rock Chef said...

Yes, been there! That is how, many years ago, my mom and I ended up with 21 dogs between us!

terri said...

I knew it! LOL! I wondered how anyone manages to only just be a foster family to a dog, because how do you help falling in love?


meleah rebeccah said...

Awwwwwwwwwww! YAY! Im so happy for Claire and Grayson and YOU!