26 August 2016

AIRBNB for dogs

Happy National Dog Day!

First Uber, now Airbnb.  

We've got a guest for a while.  My nephew's girlfriend got a new job down in Hawaii and they have some pretty strict regulations about bringing pets onto the island that required a 90 day quarantine for rabies testing.  That usually means, if you want to ship your furry children down to the island, they wind up spending 3-4 months locked up pending the outcome of the tests.  Somehow I sorta volunteered to keep the little guy for a few months while he was under quarantine (must have been the Scotch talking). Starting last weekend, we picked up a new member of the tribe.  

So, in my best Al Pacino impression:  Say Hello To My Little Friend!    


40  pounds of energy packed in an 11 pound frame.  We're all getting used to each other, but he is fitting in well.  Grayson is not quite sure what to make of our new guest.  He wants to play with Osiris, but the dynamics are was different from Claire.  Grayson feels he will squish Osiris but that hasn't kept O from running amok.  I think Grayson's a bit sad that he's no longer top dog and has to share.  

In the meanwhile we are back to two mutts for the next few months.            


Tee said...

You're a big softie when it comes to four-legged kids. I'm not surprised in the least that you volunteered to give O a home. Anyway, he's adorable! I'm sure when it's time for him to move to Hawaii (lucky dog!) you'll all miss him like crazy.

ShadowRun300 said...

I'm not surprised either that you opened your home to O. What a cutie! I bet it'll be hard to say good-bye when the time comes. Although Grayson may be a little relieved.... :)

Abby said...

What a cutie! From dog Uber to dog Airbnb, you've earned quite the following. Aloha, Osiris! That means he can come back as well as leave, right?

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