12 August 2016

More road tales

My job has definitely gotten interesting.  With our merger last October, change was expected and change we have gotten.  Several reorgs have seen people come and go.  New bosses, new job titles, new roles.  And the changes are still coming.  Becoming part of a larger, global company is changing everyone's perspective/outlook.  And, with any change, you must learn to adapt and roll with the tide otherwise you run the risk of being swept under/aside.  

My role hasn't fully changed, yet, but we see which way the tide is going so we are adjusting our approach.  Lately, everyone has gotten into the habit of checking the company org chart on Friday morning.  That seems to be the time when changes are posted.  

Even with the changes, I'm still traveling a bit.  Some for audits, some for conferences.  As I did last year, I attended a conference on Conflict Minerals in Chicago.  Nice three day deal in downtown Chicago, but they definitely don't hold this gig in the local Motel 6.  Very nice hotel right on the river - the Londonhouse.  Great corner room on the top floor.  Impressive views of downtown Chicago and the downtown river.            


I am a bit of an architecture nut and love older buildings.  If I hadn't gone into Mechanical Engineering, I was considering Architecture as a major.  I find older cities and the building fascinating.  

Of course, the most interesting view was right outside of my window across the river...
And nobody was climbing up the side of it...
On many of my road trips, if time allows, I will explore around the local area trying to find the more interesting/mundane things.  

 Enjoying some local street food and drink.

And a local piano bar.   Since Ms Agg is a redhead, I just had to send her a picture of this.   

I am a regular TripAdvisor contributor so I tend to review and rate the places I visit - hotels, restaurants, bars, venues.  The hotel was supposedly just opened a month before as part of a complete renovation.  I found the hotel very nice but there were a few quirks that I had noted.  I wasn't really all that impressed with their elevator system, the room was an odd layout (IMHO poor use of space) and I found an odd situation in the bathroom. 

And, of course, the throne room. 

Can you spot what I might find as odd with this set up?

I've got a few more trips coming up.  I will post up any pictures that may peak my interest.  Like, perhaps, another dog run this weekend.      


ShadowRun300 said...

Is the toilet paper holder really mounted to the window sill? I am so perplexed! It really looks like a nice place though, and the views are awesome! Chicago has wonderful buildings, doesn't it?
Nice to see you're riding the wave at work. Changes like that can be difficult, but you seem to be keeping the right perspective.
And what's this about another dog run? Do tell!!

agg79 said...

SR - Bingo. Actually, it wasn't mounted, just sitting on the windowsill. At first I thought it was just placed there as temporary action but when I tried to find the actual holder, there was none. I found it odd that such a small, trivial detail would be overlooked in such a high end hotel. The other slight thing is the positioning of the toilet. Basically you have a front row view of the Chicago river while sitting on the throne. Granted, it was 19 stories up, but I am not sure everyone would be thrilled to take care of business with such a public view.

Abby said...

Nice digs! I was thinking it was just the huge window in the throne area - just across from the glassed-in shower - but there really wasn't a TP dispenser??