14 August 2016

Dog Uber

Another weekend, another drive in the country.

As part of our rescue group, GBGRR, there are many jobs or assignments to spread the load.  We tried our hand at fostering, but didn't seem to grasp the concept of letting them go once they crossed our doorstep.  So, one of the things I can do is  is playing doggy uber for rescues being shipped in from south Texas.  Since I'm on the southwest side of town, it is more convenient for me to drive south to pick up an incoming foster.  Several times I have been called to meet someone coming up from the valley or Corpus Christi.  It's a good 3.5 hour drive (one way)  from Corpus and at least 6 hours from Brownsville.  Occasionally, we have a dog or two turned into another rescue group down south and they make arrangements to transport up to Houston to turn over to GBGRR.  To make it easier on the people coming up, we will send out a person to handle the exchange and take the dog the rest of the way.  I've done a few runs down south.  Our go-to spot is usually Mikeska's BBQ in El Campo.  Good, convenient spot to make that is a bit over an hour south of my place.  Not quite half way, I've proposed a place further south to give the other driver some break but this seems to be the most visible and convenient spot.

I've done three since Claire passed and each has been hard to hand them off.  Especially the one back in March - Twinky.  I swear she was the spitting image of Claire but with a few extra pounds.  I'd really like to take them home and introduce them to Grayson, but the coordinator says that the dogs are a lot of under stress from the transport and introducing them to another dog too soon could create problems.  One day.  

Today's fare was not one but two dogs.  A 4 year old Golden/Chow male mix named Buddy and a 10 month old Golden female named Chase.  One was a found dog, the other was an OTI (owner turn in).  I've done a few OTis and some can be really hard, especially if the owner doesn't want to really let them go.  Both were great dogs and had a good rid up to Houston where I handed them off to their temporary fosters.  Chase was going to one of our fosters and Buddy was going to a sister rescue group (Golden Retriever Rescue).  Today was interesting in that there were a number of dogs being transferred.  Two Goldens, two poodles, a chow and two Pyrenees.  All being picked up by their respective rescue groups.  It was sad to see so many dogs being transferred but good to see so many people working to find them homes.  I played just a small part of this relay race, but it was heartening to help.         



Both rode home well.  I used a cage since I wasn't sure how the two would react.  Buddy got the cage first and Chase rode in the open truck.  At first, Chase was very shy and nervous, but as soon as I put her in the truck, her tail perked up and she started to wag her tail.  After a few miles she parked herself right next to Buddy's cage and slept the rest of the way.  Long day for both dogs, but I think they are on their way to a good home.      


Abby said...

They're adorable! I can see how it would be hard not to just take them home. Nice job, dog Uber.

lotta joy said...

If I were young again, there'd be NO need for shelters for I would have them all in my bed. One huge, fifty-acre bed.

baili said...

they got you and you got them that is so pleasant event have great time with your pets

ShadowRun300 said...

Every time I see a Golden Retriever, even on a video, my heart aches for Chancie. Such a nice thing you're doing. Next best thing to bringing them home with you.