11 December 2012

Wrap up

After 8 days of plying the southern waters, it was time to wrap this thing up and head on back home.  Two full days of sailing in open waters as we cruised up past Cuba and back to Florida.  Time to relax and reflect on where we've been, what we've seen.  Time to take another run on the deck.  Time to kick back and enjoy the moment.  Time for another round of Mexican train.  Time for one last trip to the lounges.  Time for one last show.  Time to hit the casino one last time.  Time for another over-the-top dessert.  Time to buy some of the millions of pictures they take of you every time you step off the boat or tour some place.  Time to enjoy a scotch on observation deck in the moonlight.  Time to order your discount jewelry or liquor or ship souvenirs.  Time to pack your bags and try to figure out how to cram all the crap you bought into one suitcase. 

Mexican Train
One of the many bars
Another fancy dessert

Baked Alaska

It turns out they don't like you taking pictures of their pictures.  

Anybody need directions?
Fun with towels

Home at last
It was a really great run.  One of my bucket list items checked off.  Saw a lot, did a lot.  Didn't think I would enjoy 10 solid days on a boat, but this one worked out very well.  Would definitely recommend it to anyone willing to make the journey.  Sorry for the massive number of pictures I posted, but, honestly, I have been culling through the roughly 2400 pictures I took over the past 10 days.  A lot of crappy, out of focus, out of frame, poorly lit, what the hell was I aiming at shots but, occasionally one or two will make the cut.  I may post up a montage of all the towel critters over the trek.  

Time to remember where we parked.  Time to get back to reality.  Time to pick up the dogs (hope they still remember us).   


ShadowRun300 said...

Well what an awesome trip! 10 days IS a long time cooped up on a boat, with all the family, but it seems like you were able to do and see so much!
How exactly did you find out they don't like you taking pictures of their pictures??
And I was wondering about your dogs. Were they excited to see you? Or did you get the cold shoulder for leaving for so long?

Abby said...

What a great trip. I bet your parents enjoyed having all the "kids" together! And aren't you glad we live in the digital age? How many rolls of film would you be wading through otherwise?!
I love all those towel critters - almost worth drip drying for

terri said...

Sounds wonderful. And I'm quite sure your parents were thrilled to have this time to relax and enjoy their family. That is so hard to do with as busy as everyone is with jobs, family, hobbies and life in general.

Thanks for sharing. I feel like I had a little vacation myself.

timkeen40 said...

Fantastic. I have a cruise on my bucket list as well. I hope my turns out as great as this one looked to.