23 December 2012


Nope.  Still not done with my shopping.  I am still hunting for the right gifts for the nephews, parents, but keep striking out.  Spent most of yesterday searching for ideas, but kept coming up empty.  I even made the trek to the mall yesterday for several hours but only came away with something for momma thanks to James Avery.  I will be out again today to try and tie this one off.      

In interim, to all the hard working moms out there cooking and wrapping for the holidays, this one's for you...


Abby said...

You're a tougher shopper than I am! Go get 'em Agg!

Loved the video!

terri said...

Ugh. Still shopping? Sorry to hear that. I got the last couple of items today and the stores and traffic weren't bad. I don't know about tomorrow though! Good luck!

Cute video. So very true!

ShadowRun300 said...

I'm in the same boat as you. It finally gets to the point where I just have to get SOMETHING. **sigh**
I sure hope you finish up soon, and are able to enjoy the holidays! Will you be spending it with the newest member of the family?