02 December 2012

Land Ho!

Have no fear, ye landlubbers, with over 2400+ pictures (still getting more from my brothers and dad) to choose from, there will be plenty of photos and stories to tell.

I won't do a day by day saga, just hit the highlights at each port.  Our first stopover was Half Moon Cay - an island that is actually owned by Holland America.  A little spit of land just east of the Bahamas.  Not much to the island, sandy beaches, palm trees, some small lagoons, pirate ship, sand, gift shop, bar, more sand.  The ship drops anchor about 1 k off shore and takes passengers in via tenders.  It doesn't cost you a dime to visit the island, unless you want to eat, drink, snorkel, ride horses, or swim with sting rays.  You can simply stroll the beach and camp out in a lounge chair until you are nice an toasty red and it is time to head back to the Zuiderdam.  Of course, if you want to really relax with some comfort, you can do like my brother and rent a cabana for the day that comes with a shelter, some basic food, towels, refrigerator, beer (extra).  Definitely a nice way to enjoy the beach time.  


Long day, tons of fun, got absolutely nothing done.  Of course, every night we looked forward to seeing what kind of towel critter that the cabin stewards would leave for us.



Abby said...

Gorgeous! (Possibly the only thing missing is Captain Jack??)

ShadowRun300 said...

Looks like so much fun! Love the pirate ship and the towel critters! Can't wait to see more!

terri said...

I could be quite happy just lounging on a beach with nothing but more days of vacation and relaxing ahead.

meleah rebeccah said...

"Long day, tons of fun, got absolutely nothing done."

Ah yes. I just love days like that!