19 December 2012

New hope (revised)

I've been a rather quiet lately.  I am still shocked/horrified/depressed/outraged/sickened over the tragedy in Connecticut and I really haven’t found anything worth writing about that seems important.  I applaud others that have been able to carry on and keep posting, but, right now, my heart just isn't into it.  It’s hard to really be in the Christmas spirit this year, but I am working at it.  My heart and prayers go out to the families in Newtown.  

I have to remember for all the really bad things that happen out there, there are still a few miracles to be grateful for.  In the midst of all this, a small ray of sunshine has shown through the darkness.  My nephew got married last spring out in East Texas (the Hunting Lease Wedding).  The young couple just gave birth this morning to a 9 lbs, 3 oz boy named Austin Garrett.  Momma and son are doing ok.  The dad has always been a bit questionable.   

Another agg unleashed upon the world.  


ShadowRun300 said...

Still some heaviness in my heart as well. It doesn't seem right to continue on or be happy or celebrate... but then something really great happens... and you have hope.
Congratulations all around! Andrew's last name doesn't happen to start with a G, does it? Then he would be a true A.G.G. :)

agg79 said...

Ooops. Meant to say his name is Austin Garrett. I don't recall how Andrew got in there - must not have been paying too close attention when I updated last night. Duh.

Thanks. We haven't seen him yet, while momma's on lock down. Perhaps over the holidays. And you are spot on on the initials.

Abby said...

I hear ya, the world is a different place after Sandy Hook. The sun keeps coming up each day, though, so we go on. And what a nice reminder of the good things in life with a new baby! Little Agg looks very alert and ready to make his mark. Congratulations!

Rock Chef said...

Tell them to keep going. The world needs more AGGs!

terri said...

It's so hard to go on as normal when the world is so abnormal. It doesn't feel quite right to go on celebrating when those in Newtown have to suffer such heartbreak.

But Austin Garrett is a beautiful baby boy; proof that there is still good in the world. Congratulations to the new parents.