30 April 2012

Weekend fun

I'm still playing catch up from last week.  Took advantage of the great weather and spent most of my time in the yard this weekend trying to bring it back to life.  Last year's drought did a number on the grass and a few bushes and I am working to recover or replace some.  I'm planning to bring in a truckload of mulch and rebuild the beds in the back.  Last year I bought some Pavestone border blocks for one of the beds and I am planning to try a 2nd bed this year.  I wound up trimming the bushes back on Saturday.  Did the lawn yesterday, dogs loved spending the day outside.  Someday I hope to add a sprinkler system so I don't have to get up at 0400 every morning to move the sprinkler.    

We attended a BBQ cook off Saturday night.  Scored some VIP passes to a cook off for the local Ronald McDonald House. Some really nice BBQ from different teams, cold beer and a couple of great Texas bands (Roger Creager).  We haven't done a cook off in a while.  Each team has their own specialty to cook that you just had to sample.  Of course, everything was off the bone good, but after about 3 plates of brisket, ribs, chicken poppers, beans and potato salad, we were pretty much tapped out.     

Wedding update - Stephen and Rebecca were in town this weekend to meet with more wedding logistics.  .  The church and reception hall are locked down, now they are working on cake places.  They went to two tastings on Saturday and met with the minister on Sunday.  Lots of things to plan/arrange for their big day.  They are looking for a DJ and photographer next.  I don't recall all this chaos around our shindig, but, then again, it was almost 32 years ago and a lot of water has gone under that bridge.  From what they are gathering, each visit opens up a new avenue for expenses.  

Transformer Groom's Cake

What's your preference?

More Groom's Cake
Some of the groom's cakes were more expensive than the wedding cake.  

And they have settled on a destination for their honeymoon.  Care to guess where they are heading?  Sunny Caribbean?  Hawaii?  Southern Spain?  Europe?    

Nope - they've elected to go to ........ Sweden & Norway.  It's all about the Fjords.  


Rock Chef said...

Groom's cake? Really? As you say, new expenses. No wonder a lot of newly weds have debts that outlive the marraige!

Are they doing one of those Scandinaian cruises? I have heard that they are amazing.

Abby said...

Great honeymoon choice! Maybe someday, I'll get a honeymoon. I'll file that just in case.

Transformers groom cake? Really?

ShadowRun300 said...

What? You get to sleep in til 0400?
And you attended a bbq cook off? You're killin' me. :)
I'm not sure I've even heard of a groom's cake. They look nice. What's the purpose of them though?
All along I've admired how Stephen and Rebecca seemed to be straying from the normal wedding traditions. Their honeymoon choice goes right along with that. I'm sure they'll have an awesome experience there!

meleah rebeccah said...

Oh my word, you really wake up THAT early? Yikes.

I love a good BBQ cook off! Three plates? You only had three plates of food? LOL

Planning a wedding IS an enormous, time consuming, stress filled, chaotic mess! I am super happy they've locked down the church & reception hall! And those cakes are CRAZY cool!

What an interesting place to decide on for the honeymoon!

terri said...

The BBQ cook off sounds great, but I can imagine it's hard to try everything. After all, one can only eat so much before it becomes impossible to enjoy any more.

Mark is getting a sprinkler system. Our yard isn't even that big. I chalk it up to him needing another man-toy.

I've never understood Groom's cakes. I don't think they are a tradition around here. A southern thing, maybe?