04 April 2012

Running wild

OK, Mel carded me.  It's been a week + since I posted up anything.  I was going to say "anything meaningful" but that would probably have been a few years since that's happened.  I'd like to say that my absence is due to making arrangements for my windfall fortune in winning the recent MegaPowerball lottery last week ($460 million), but, alas, we missed out on the winning ticket by just a few numbers (like 5).  I would claim that I am busy with work, but after reading ShadowRun300 working ungodly hours sans potty breaks, I cannot make that claim.  I could fain illness/injury, but hangovers don't count and I've been in good shape.  I could claim that I have been working hard on my dissertation like some old rock star who starting a rabbit farm, or trying to figure out who's going commando at the gym or dealing with sex changes and pond scum, but that would be stretching the truth a bit.  

In reality, I don't have a good excuse aside of being a bit lazy.  Work's still kicking my butt, but it pays the bills, keeps me off the streets, and is definitely not boring.  Last couple of weeks it feels like a circus around here and I'm the guy in charge of clean up after the elephant parade.  

Here's a shock.  I didn't win the lottery.  Was doing pretty well in ignoring the whole hoopla up to the last weekend, when several people at the office banded together to buy a block of tickets.  I figured it was worth a ten spot to kick in just to make sure I wasn't that lone guy who didn't join in when the rest of the group won the lottery.  I figured our chances were about as good as getting hit by lightening (twice), but, as they say in Vegas, you lose 100% of the bets you don't make.  Oh well, will have to postpone getting the Porsche for another year.  

Doing some e-mail clean up, I got tagged for a reminder for the sign up for the Dad's Day 5k in June.  It is a 5K run in downtown Houston I ran last year on the Saturday before weekend of Father's day tied that is tied to collecting money for Prostate Cancer research / treatment.  It's dedicated to people who have had or have prostate cancer.  I spotted it last year when I was getting my new shoes at the running store and, since I am a charter member of that club, I signed up.  I figured that I could do a 5K on on a flat Houston street before breakfast without breaking a sweat. Forgot to account for the fact it was in Houston in the middle of June.  Starting temperature was 85 and humidity was downright sauna-esque.  Still, I managed to finish up in 3rd place in my category (Cancer survivor over the age of 50) - whoo-hoo!  Only problem was that the winner was a 74 year old grand-dad who kicked a%%.  Still it was a good run for a good cause.  I am debating doing it again just because I am a sucker for these things.  Sign up for next year's Houston Marathon is in early June and, given the popularity of the last few years, it's going to be a tough job to get into the 2013 Marathon, but I have a strategy.

Speaking of runs, I am on a couple of e-mail lists to notify me of deadlines and dates for upcoming runs/events.  One that popped up recently I found interesting.  Anyone ever done/seen a "mud run"?  Something about doing a 5K through various obstacles including copious amounts of mud/water.  Excuse me?  Why would one pay $60 to run through mud/water???  I was paid (not enough) to do that in the Army.  


terri said...

I hear ya! Life has a way of just running circles around you sometimes!

I bought my lottery tickets the same way you did. I don't usually waste my money on them. But the thought of being the lone employee left at work with the added responsibility of the work of everyone else ... it swayed me. I put my money in the pool.

Your mud run sounds a little like the Warrior Dash that seems to be all the rage around here. I've been asked a few times to join a team, but ... um.... NO WAY!

ShadowRun300 said...

It's good to have you back, anyway, even if you don't have a good excuse. Sometimes when things are going smoothly, you don't NEED to post (like I do) :)
I've heard of the mud runs, but really have had no desire to participate...although I can see how some people think it's fun.
You gotta do the 5k for cancer though. You can't let the 74 year old kick butt again. Especially since he's 75 now!!
Be sure to share your marathon strategy with us.....

agg79 said...

Terri - life's always full of twists and turns. Winning the lottery would be nice but it would just add a whole new round of headaches/pressure. I guess it's better to stay humble & poor.

ShadowRun - More than likely, I will probably sign up again (I tend to do dumb things like that). I'll just have to keep my eyes peeled for that old man and trip him up at the turn.

meleah rebeccah said...

HOORAY! You finally updated.

* I totally understand the too lazy to blog thing.

* Sorry you didn't win the lottery. I didn't either.

* And, I think you SHOULD partake in the Marathon

Abby said...

This seems to be a busy time of year for everyone. Spring fever? Welcome to the didn't-win-the-lottery club.

Soak yourself down and do the Dad's Day run. After your recent half-marathon, a 5k will be over before you know you're running!

I had a friend who did a mud run last summer. She's not really a runner, but did it for fun. I saw photos and it looked like dirty filthy fun!