11 April 2012

Type cast

It's been one of those weeks (again).  Lots of deadlines/projects at the office, no time to slack off.  It seems like I am juggling chainsaws at times.  I haven't had the time to get in my lunch runs like I want to, so I guess that's making me a wee bit cranky of late.  

But, while I was working up another presentation over lunch, I did take a break to hop on line and read the latest news.  While perusing the local channel over lunch, I spotted a story that struck my funny bone.     

What a man's dog says about him
A man's best friend reveals much about his personality

The story basically goes on to explain how to gauge a man's suitability by looking at the type of dog he owns.  I guess it is trying to give pointers on how to find out if you're compatible with a guy by looking at his dog.  One of those "potential mate" tests, I suppose.  Funny premise that caught my eye, but as I read into it, I uncovered the first dog at the top of the list:

Golden retriever: Settle down with this stable-minded guy

A guy who owns a golden retriever is pretty much guaranteed to be drama-free and stable.
This man is ready to settle down. He probably figures he's already got the family dog, so why not just add the family?  The man who chooses such a canine is likely pretty down to earth and calm. People with this type of dog usually enjoy a lifestyle that includes taking relaxed walks and just being active in the great outdoors.  These dogs are known to be lovable and warm-hearted, just like their owners. Guys with this breed value their devoted companions as much as they value the idea of a shared life. If you are lucky enough to find a guy with a Goldie, snatch him up quickly before someone else does.

Not sure how to take that.  I never pictured myself as a "stable minded" kind of guy.  And if the dog is supposed to be a measure of the guy, I would guess I come off as pretty weird.  


Rock Chef said...

I think that is a pretty good guide, to be honest! It certainly works the other way - guy with a pair of pit-bulls...

Abby said...

Not a bad way to pick a mate I say! I noticed that all the men + breed guides were all pretty positive. There weren't any "stay away from...", and I would agree with that. Just the fact that a man has a dog in the first point earns him points.

I think the golden retriever profile fits!

ShadowRun300 said...

From what I can see, the Golden profile fits you! My hubby picked our Golden and it's true for him as well. What does it say about a big, tall, slightly overweight guy who walks around town with his little shiatsu? (That would be my neighbor - cracks me up every time I see it!)

meleah rebeccah said...

"juggling chainsaws"


Actually, I have always thought of you as a "stable minded" man!

And these photos are TOTES ADORBZ

terri said...

I've had a few of those weeks myself lately. Hope you can get back into your running routine soon.

I think there's a measure of truth to that dog/mate assessment.

Love the pictures. You're "kids" are SO cute!