05 April 2012

Driving me crazy

Rant Alert

I drive a fair bit every day to work.  About 32 miles one way from one side of the town to the other that takes me about 45 minutes to complete, give or take a light or two.  Most of it is highway/toll road driving, so I am not stuck in stop & go traffic any length of time.  Most of the time I am cruising at 70+ on a toll road and I am not the fastest driver by any means. Most days it is fairly boring/mundane, but each day provides a new adventure.  Accidents, road rage, bad weather, stuck traffic lights, all contribute to help start or end the day.  Monday seemed like it was Clown day.  Three times, THREE TIMES, I was almost hit on the toll road and ALL three had the same problem - idiots behind the wheel.  The first candidate (to be removed from the gene pool) was driving a very nice Lexus G35.  70 MPH, left lane of the toll road (I'm in the right) he drifts into my lane 3 times.  Of course, my radar instantly goes off and I am on high alert until I can get past this genius.  Figuring he is having a heart attack or there is a bee in the car or he has to go pee, when I finally manage to pull alongside of him to pass, I glance over to see this numb nuts driving, holding the wheel while texting on his blackberry.  I so wanted to NASCAR his a%% right into the wall, but figured that wouldn't be socially acceptable, so I pass him up.  The next candidate was a woman driving a Toyota Corolla who pulled onto the road from the right side.  As she drifted over into my lane, I thought to myself, "Am I a just a magnet for these asshats?"  Of course, as I passed her, I can see she was trying to check her e-mail on her iPhone.  Some people shouldn't be let out of kindergarten (just my opinion).  The final contestant decided to ride my bumper me at 75 MPH for several miles.  Now, keep in mind I drive a big land barges/SUV vehicle that weighs in at around 7000+ lbs and your little POS Buick is about 1/2 of that.  Drafting me at 75+ MPH might work well in NASCAR, but on the wet toll road in heavy traffic is probably not the most intelligent choice you can make today.  I so want to stomp on my brakes just to get a rise out of you, but I'm told that's not the mature thing to do.  I strive to be a patient man, but the Lord likes to test me at times.     

I am used to my daily commute, it is almost therapeutic to unwind from a rough day at the office, but there are days where I envy those who travel by two wheels to get where they need to be.    


ShadowRun300 said...

OMG I love this! I have a long commute as well and most days I have no rage. I set the cruise at 70 and mind my own business. But sometimes the other drivers drive me absolutely insane! I felt like I was ranting with you, and I feel better just reading it! These are the times we could use one of Terri's poofers to get rid of all the idiots on the road. :)

meleah rebeccah said...

Agg, I cannot stand when people Text & Drive. HELLO, if you wanna risk YOUR life that's fine. But do NOT put other drivers on the road in jeopardy.

Abby said...


Yeah, what Meleah and SR300 said. Looks like you had a day at the shallow end of the gene pool.

terri said...

My 20 minute drive is generally pretty uneventful, but yesterday, I had that same urge - to tap the brakes and show the chick behind me a thing or two. Then I realized all I'd show her is my windshield, which she'd arrive at by plowing through the back end of my impala and shoving me through it. Probably not the best revenge.

I REALLY wish people would consider whether arriving on time, texting, or talking on the phone are good trade-offs for the privilege of continuing to live on this earth.