21 August 2010

I stand alone

Ever have one of those random memes that has been rattling around in your brain that just can't seem to get legs?


I love to drive.  I prefer driving from border to border on the open road.  I've driven from Houston to Orlando to Colorado Springs to Branson to El Paso to St Louis to Columbus.  I've even knocked off a few kilometers on the Autobahn in Germany (those Germans know how to build a road).  I enjoy watching the scenery as the miles pass.  I always try to imagine what is down those side roads or how certain towns/roads/rivers got their name.  On the stretch from Houston to San Antonio, there is one creek named "Woman Hollering Creek" that always causes me to ponder the meaning.  My dream is that, one day, when life slows down, I can to take those detours and side trips. 

Ever since my son enrolled in school several years ago, we have been making the 160 mile road trip to/from on a regular basis.  There are two ways to get to Austin:  1) the southern route (I10 to Highway 71) and the northern route (Beltway 8 to 290).  Both are about the same distance.  Both will get you to Austin City limits in about 2.5  hours.  Both roll through the Texas countryside and several small towns.  I prefer the southern route as it seems (to me) to have less traffic and you spend most of your time driving through the countryside.  I've done this route so many times, I know exactly how far each point is to town and where to stop (or not stop).  Along the route, about a 2/3 of the way to Austin, along 71 north of La Grange, there is this one lone tree that stands by itself in a pasture.  A live oak standing out amongst the cactus and scrub grass.  It is a good 200 yards away from any other trees.  I have always been intrigued by it as I pass.  I have been trying to take a picture of it on several occasions but I am either in a hurry or are hauling the trailer and a pack of dogs.  A few weeks back, I had the opportunity to do a short run to Austin to help out my son (car problems and moving).  Great visit, but worked my tail off.  On the trip back, I took the opportunity to stop along the highway and take a few shots of the tree.  I'm definitely no Ansel Adams, but I've always dreamed of being a photographer.    


meleah rebeccah said...

well, you may not be Ansel Adams, but I still think that's a great photo and an amazing tree!

I haven't taken a really good road trip in years. I think Im about due!

terri said...

That is a beautiful shot. You've got a good eye!

Abby said...

I enjoy a good road trip now and again too. It's fun to get a change of place once in a while. Nice photo!