04 August 2010

Day 11

Tooth of Time!

Last day on the trail.  Should be an early wake up - up at 0430 to hike/climb up to the top of the Tooth in the dark and watch the sun come up over Texas.  Beautiful vista.  Spectacular views.  Afterwards, pack up camp and head to base camp. About a 2-3 hour trek but seems longer with all of the switchbacks along the trail. 

Hi Mom!

Climbing up to the top is a challenge, even in the daylight.  Lots of boulders to climb over.  No set trail to the top, so you have to find your way up.  Once you hit the top, pick out a spot and sit back and get ready for the show.  If the weather cooperates, you will get a fantastic view of the sun rising in the east and watch as it paints the landscape with its fiery colors. 

By dawn's early light

Happy campers

Elevation Marker for the Tooth of Time
9003 feet

Lady Bugs

Scrambling up to the top

Once we've had our fill, we scramble back down the slope, break camp, load up our packs and head toward base camp.  Not a long trail.  Only 3.5 miles (a walk in the park) and all down hill, but it has a bazillion switchbacks, half of which I think were just put there to tease you as you head in towards camp.  Seems like whomever designed the trail wanted to prolong the experience.  Finally, after 10 days, countless one pot dinners, sumping your meals, hanging bear backs and humping your entire gear over 72++ miles, you have made it back to civilization.     

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terri said...

What an awesome view of the sunrise! Must make it seem worth all the hard work to get there!