05 August 2010

Day 12 (epilogue)

Heading home. Long drive, lots of road time.  Nice time to catch up on the news, read your 10 million e-mails, read a book, sleep or just reflect on what we've accomplished.  Take a breather before we jump back into the rat race. 

Interesting to see how just a few days off the grid can change your perspective. 

In the beginning...

Trail's end

You tend to miss certain things on the trail.  On our last outing, my fantasy since day three was Mexican food.  Trail meals are ok, but after a while, it gets old.  I kept thinking about what I was going to eat when we got off the trail.  Made a game of it with the boys by describing my exact order in detail (chicken fajitas, flautas with fresh guacamole, charro beans, followed by a pitcher of frozen margaritas).  By the end of the trek, I had the entire crew jonesing for Mexican food.


terri said...

The before and after pictures are amazing. In the earlier photo, the boys look a little younger, a little more clean cut. In the after picture, they look a little more seasoned and mature.

meleah rebeccah said...

Oh! Congrats on finishing! And, Welcome Home!!

Rock Chef said...

Love the before and after photos - they look like a real bunch of Vets now!

Good job!

And the Mexican looks great - had Mexican for my birthday dinner!