01 August 2010

Day 8

The Stomp!

Today's a long/hard trail.  By this time of the morning, the crew is probably halfway up the trail to Phillips. 

Today they have a hard climb up out of Clear Creek, over the top of Phillips and then down into Cypher's Mine.  About 6-7 miles (baring any detours or side hikes) and a hard initial climb up to Phillips (11,700 ft). With a good, steady pace, they should make the top of Phillips before noon. This will be the highest point on Philmont that the crew will achieve during their trek.  Now, while I have always tried to keep the electronics off the trail, I am sure that a few have squirreled away a cell phone or two and may try to make calls from the top.

On top of Mount Phillips

Taking a break on the top

Looking out east

Once they cross the top and take time for pictures/lunch/rest, they will begin a gradual descent down to Cypher's Mine camp.  This camp is a old-fashioned mining camp where they can pan for gold, tour the mine, practice some blacksmithing, and participate in the "Stomp". That's a general dance/show done every night in the staff cabin. Pretty neat show. Also, I believe that the crew will have an opportunity to sleep in a lean-to so that means no tents tonight (although they may prefer tents).

Cypher's Mine Cabin

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terri said...

Wow! Amazing view from the top!