04 May 2010

Roadside attractions

I enjoy driving.  Not a big fan of flying as much anymore, given all of the hassles and costs, but I'll take a long distance drive over flying any day.  A few weeks back I drove to Dallas for my aunt's funeral.  Could have taken a flight and been there in 1/2 the time, but I preferred to drive up this time of year.

Springtime in Texas brings out lots of color.  The roadsides and fields have exploded with Bluebonnets and Indian Painbrush.  With all of the rain we've had and colder winter, the flowers are at their peak right now.  A lot of people travel the back roads on the weekends in search some great backdrops.  I am taking the crew out to Kerrville later this month for a graduation and will look for some roadside color along the way. 

And momma & I crossed another milestone today.

30 years
Way back in spring of 1980, 2 young, innocent (ok, I wasn't so innocent) kids hooked up.
Where does the time go?
When did we get old?
We are planning a quiet celebration.


Abby said...

Happy 30th Anniversary! Now that's a milestone!

Great road trip photos. I don't like driving around town much, but I do enjoy a good road trip now and then - much better than airports.

meleah rebeccah said...

Aw!! Happy 30th Anniversary! And, Wow. Those photos of the Bluebonnets are awesome!

terri said...

Happy Anniversary! Quiet celebrations are the best.

What beautiful photos!

I enjoy road trips too... as long as I'm driving. If not, more than likely I'll be asleep within 5 minutes of departure.

Rock Chef said...

That is beautiful! I always think of Texas as being brown and sun-blasted!

Happy Anniversary!