18 May 2010

Who's your daddy?

Pets can be like second children to some.

I just read an article in the local rag that some people will spend as much on their pets at they do their children.  Some folk, when the kids move away will look to their pets as just another family member (albeit a hairy one).  In the old days, when the dog got ill or injured or old could wind up with a one way a trip to the vet.  Now people are taking Fido to the "spa" or giving Spot a massage.  Many people don't even blink at dropping a wad of Benjamins to keep Scruffy healthy.  Hip surgery?  Cancer treatment?  For many, it is not an option.  Pet care has become a huge business.     

My co-worker has enlighten me about a new test you can run on your dog/cat to determine their genetic make up.  For a mere $59.95, you can determine what is the exact breed of your dog.  Half German Shepard, Half Lab?  Half Poodle, half Yorkie?  Half Chihuahua, half Saint Bernard?  If you really want to know who's the daddy, now you can CSI them and determine what kind of dog you really have.  My co-worker wanted to know the dominant breed was for her dog (stray) so she could understand if it had any long term issues.  I can see some benefit knowing what kind of personality a dog might have or what illnesses they might be prone to get, but, I have mixed feelings.  

I am pretty sure Grayson is a pure Golden.  He has the classic Golden posture/stance, displays many of the Golden traits (loyalty, gentle, dedicated, and had a definite Golden personality (goofy, affectionate, needy, energetic).  If I had to take a bet, I would wager that Grayson is 100% (or at least 99%).  Claire, on the other hand, has a little bit of mystery to her.  Oh, she is gentle and loving to a fault.  Got a killer tongue that will lick you without provocation and a smile that goes for miles.  She has a mischievous side to her and loves to get Grayson stirred up, but I blame that on the redhead in her.  I am tempted to test the two of them just to verify my assumptions, but I honestly don't think I want to know.  Sometimes ignorance is better than too much information. 

When's the last time you saw a dentist?


Rock Chef said...

We love our pets, but they are still pets at the end of the day. No dogs on the sofa or in bed, thank you very much!

Those DNA kits sound like fun! Wonder if they will appear over here at some point.

terri said...

I love my pets, but I've always said there's a point where I'd draw the line. I think that line would be long before the doggy spa.

meleah rebeccah said...

I think its wonderful that people love their pets so much, but I think sometimes they can get too carried away with the pet spas and such!

I sure do miss having a pet!

Abby said...

No doggie spas here. Yes, China and Cookie are members of the family, but they are animals. We are humans. There's a definite line there. Doggie DNA? Who's the doggie daddy!?

Now... I have to go get China from the salon...er.. groomers.