28 May 2010

Live Free or Die!

Back from the Granite State.  Nice trip.  Long flight, but no delays or problems.  The company was located in Salem NH which is about an hour northwest of Boston.  Traffic was nice as long as you were not headed towards Boston.  I enjoy visting the northeast this time of year.  The trees are in full bloom and it is nice driving the highways & back roads through the forests.  I noted the same thing when we went to Philly last month.  Down here, maybe it's due to the coastal region and hotter climate but our trees/forests don't seem quite as dense or lush.  I am an old back woods guy and prefer hiking the hills and trails with lots of greenery.

Looking out over East Texas at 25,000 feet

I noted the state motto for New Hampsire is "Live Free or Die".  We saw it stamped on all license plates and the Welcome to New Hampsire sign.  Somewhere stashed in my old memory files, I seemed to recall that motto, but I still think it is great (even if is does sound a little bit like the title to a Bruce Willis movie).  I think it way better than our state motto (Friendship).  Some other state mottos I find interesting:

  • Arkansas - The people rule

  • California - I have found it (Didn't know you lost it)

  • Maine - I lead (glad someone does)

  • Maryland - Manly deeds, womanly words

  • Minnesota - The star of the North

  • Michigan - If you seek a pleasant penninsula, look around you

  • Nevada - All For Our Country

  • New Mexico - It grows as it goes (sounds like a stoner motto)

  • Washington - By and by (that sounds lame)
Long weekend ahead for me.  I'm heading to Austin on Saturday to help son move out of apartment.  Looks to be another advil adventure. 
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BTW - I must admit that I am impressed by the stamina and grit of some Minnesotans.  While out on the road  I get my news from various sources (USA Today, CNN, Fox - if my wireless connection works) and I spotted an article about a Minnesota woman who gave birth while driving to the hospital.  "It wasn't really that bad," Amanda (the mom) said of the labor pains.  It just proves my point - ya just don't mess with those Minnesotan women.  Now, I am just wondering if the hospital visit was covered by health insurance or AAA?


Rock Chef said...

Love the mottos - I guess gardeners and farmers in New Mexico aren't that ambitious? Michigan is a bit wishy-washy, I was expecting more from them!

The woman from Minnesotta - I guess the climate makes for tough people: look at Terri!

meleah rebeccah said...

My girlfriend lives in New Hampshire and I will never forget my reaction to when I saw the state motto on the license plates stating "Live Free or Die"! I think that is awesome.

I cant get over the Minnesota woman who gave birth in her car and acted like it was nothing!

That's crazy!

terri said...

Oh yeah... all of us Minnesota women give birth in our cars! It's just what we do here.

(Seriously, my youngest was close to arriving in the car. She made her entrance into the world within 30 minutes of our arrival at the hospital.

Are you sure that Minnesota's state motto is The Star of the North? I thought it was Land of 10,000 Lakes. At least that's what's on our license plates.

Mike said...

Sounds like quite a trip. Great aerial shot!