09 August 2009

To be continued...

Postponed. Well, I pretty much knew it was coming. Had one of them big lunchtime meetings with the big dogs on Friday that went about 2.5 hours debating progress on our software project. Things are working now, but only just. Lots of discussion & debate but the bottom line is that we are pushing back our go live date another 30 days. Part of me is glad for the extra time to get things ready, part of me is tired of this never-ending project. Its kinda like taking off a band aid - some to do it slow & steady while others just rip that sucker off (I'm starting to lean toward the snatch & grab tactic). Oh well, another 2 months of hearing me gripe about it.

I am taking the weekend to get some minor chores/things done around here before my son gets back next weekend. I've been driving his car this summer to work (technically, it is still in my name). Gets way better gas mileage that the land barge and is still in excellent shape for a 16 year old Camry. I have been doing the maintenance and upkeep on it and was able to score some replacement parts for it yesterday. I'm trying to chase down some problems with the radio wiring and some miscellaneous dash lights, but nothing major. I like working on cars and doing a lot of the maintenance myself. I get some kind of personal satisfaction when I can diagnose and fix a problem that would have been $$$ at the repair shop. I consider myself an amateur mechanic, but can do some of the basics (oil, brakes, batteries, filters, radiator, water pump, alternator). I have even replaced the clutch and rebuilt a carburetor on my old truck. Not sure I could do that today with some of the newer vehicles, given all of the technology and electronics. I used to change my own oil on all of my vehicles, but I have a shop down the road from my office that will do it fairly cheaply and even wash the vehicle when they are done, so I have relinquished that task to them. Still, I enjoy working on a car and fixing a problem. Something about busted knuckles and greasy fingernails and the smell of Goop just makes me happy.


meleah rebeccah said...

well enjoy those busted knuckles and greasy fingernails and the smell of Goop!

My friend also has a Toyota Camry and that thing is still in great condition too after 15 years. I think my next car should be one of those! They seem to last forever!

Abby said...

Oh whew, when you mentioned a big lunch-time meeting, for a minute I was afraid of lay-offs. But then I remembered how vital you are at your job!

I like to be able to fix stuff myself too, but cars are too complicated for me these days. Thanks for the clunker advice. I've been mainly looking for Honda or Toyota because I've heard that they run forever.

terri said...

Sounds like you're working on the never-ending project!

Of all the things my handy hubby can do, cars are not one of his talents. It must be nice to know your way around an engine.