18 August 2009


It comes in all forms and from different sources.

A job well done. Completing a major project. Finishing a major cleaning project. Achieving a major goal. Graduating from school/college/basic training. Some things are worth the effort.

Nothing as inspirational as that, but I feel some sense of accomplishment this weekend. Was able to clean up all three cars Sunday afternoon and I feel hot, tired, sweaty, and happy. I come from a warped family that prefers to keep their vehicles in pristine shape, so I try to keep mine fairly clean/serviceable. No way I can keep up with my dad who will wash & polish his van & trailer before he leaves on road trip. I guess I can blame my dad, but I get some measure of completion if I can clean my truck & trailer before I hit the road. I know, it is kind warped and the rig will get dirty on the road, but somehow, I feel better if I can clean all of my cars before I hit the road.

Anyway, I finally washed & cleaned all three vehicles in the stable. I felt that two were long overdue and needed some TLC. That includes my son's car that, will probably be cleaned until he comes home for Christmas. I know it is probably a waste of time, but I feel better knowing that he leaves for college with his car is ready to hit the road. At least his ride should not give him cause for concern.

Speaking of junior, he made it home late Sunday night without any problems. Was actually a bit early hitting the tarmac. We were halfway across town when I got his call that they had just landed (20 minutes ahead of schedule). Timing worked out pretty good as I just pulled up to the passenger loading area as he was coming out with his entourage of bags. Interesting what people consider important to pack in your suitcase for a flight. Among his clothes and laptop and gear, he managed to bring home 5 bottles of his new favorite beer from Seattle (Black Butte Porter). Like father, like son.


Abby said...

Good for you for some car TLC. I come from a family of pristine car maintainers too. My husband on the other hand....

terri said...

My son should take a lesson from you. He proudly told me how he washed my car for me while I was on vacation. However, he apparently grew tired of the job before he was finished, leaving the roof, windshield, and every window spotted with hard-water spots. It was an interesting drive into work the next day when I realized what he had (or hadn't) done.