21 August 2009

Friday follies

Ever see a really good idea and you just want to steal/copy it?
Well, along the lines of Life is Good and Silver Lining Saturday, I thought I would start a similar thread on my meager blog along the same line and see how long I can keep it up.

Anyway, another week in the bag. Work's about as much fun as trying to give a cat a bath. With one buyer out on a vacation cruise, another buyer out due to a death in the family, my boss is on the road somewhere in Minnesota or Pennsylvania, that only leaves me and one buyer to run the whole she-bang. Between part problems, month end activities, 20 different emergency orders, project testing, and assorted office drama, life has been anything but boring. This is one of those weeks I am glad to have made it to Friday alive.

Weekend looks to be even more fun. Time to hitch up the team and head north to Austin. I am helping my off spring relocate to college this weekend. This is year 4 for him and, this year, he is moving off campus to an (unfurnished) apartment. We are helping with the major stuff (table, chairs, bed) while he is loading up his car with all sorts of essentials (do you really need 2 guitars?). I am planning a commando run to Austin. Gonna try to sneak out from work to pick up a small trailer, go across town to get the bed from my parents (and anything else they try to give to him), check out a new desk at a thrift shop and then head back home for the rest of his junk. The bus pulls out in the morning (not as early as I would prefer) and we should be in Austin by 1300. I figured it was gonna be a late night so I scored a sweet deal on a hotel for almost nothing (did not want to drive back late in the day). My only worry now is what to do with the stinkin' trailer while in Austin. It is way cheaper to rent this rig for two days & drag it all over Texas (~$30) than do the one way drop off thing ($110). Even the dog is getting a treat. Will spend the day getting pampered/spoiled at my parents. I'm sure my mom will cook up a steak for him. We'll see if we can survive the weekend!

Happy Trails, Ya'll!


Rock Chef said...

Only 2 guitars? He needs to buy more!

terri said...

I like that you're joining the "count your blessings" club! At least you'll always have a topic to write about, right?

I'm stuck on one phrase in your post here... "making a commando run." Commando, in my mind, means being without your underwear. I know that's not what you meant, but it makes me laugh anyway!

Hope the move goes well for your son. He's lucky to have your assistance and I'm sure he'll love living in his own off-campus apartment.