15 April 2009

Oops. I did it again.


Ever spend a good 30-45 minutes on writing a blog?
Putting in all sorts of inciteful and witting things?
Some general musings and observations?
Even tossed in a couple of them big 10 dollar MBA words and some bad puns?
A picture or two?
And, just when it was about ready to let loose, you go back to clean it up and make a few format changes and, BAM! its gone. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Not even a comma or punctuation mark left.
Makes me want to start drinking again (or curse out the computer).

I guess I will have to dredge up a song in my head like some people do to keep from running over people on the way into work (Don't Worry. Be Happy!)


Chief Rock Chef said...

That hasn't happened to me for a long time!

My most recent gaff was posting onto someone else's blog...

terri said...

I hear this a lot from those who use Blogger. My advice? Come to Wordpress, where these things don't happen, spam is controlled with a filter instead of word verification and there is technical support immediately available.

agg79 said...

Not sure if it is a system or operator problem. That happens a lot when you get older...

Have been debating switching to Wordpress, but, you know me, I don't take change very well...