10 January 2016


Happy Belated New Year Y'all!

I fully intended to post something introspective or meaningful around the 1st, but that just wouldn't be me.  Too many distractions I suppose.    

Spent New Year's out in the country at our annual Rally with the Airstream group out in the country drinking champagne and blowing stuff up.   Nobody lost an eye, nobody got blowed up, nothing was set on fire.  The dogs, however, were not as impressed with all of the fireworks.  Lots of food, games, drink.  A fairly sedate rally, something that us old codgers prefer.  We've held these at the same RV park for the last 20 years, so this has almost become routine.  The only I have to note is that my folks have retired from the club and they were an integral part of this event over the past 35+ years.  Ever since they officially retired last year, it is a bit more complicated to do these gigs without their participation.  

As one might surmise, I have been lacking the proper motivation to post up anything meaningful.  With our new company, I have been buried with new projects, priorities, tasks, and I am somewhat distracted.  I spent the last week with my counterpart from France going over our strategy on how we are going to cut costs and save the company mega bucks.  2016 is turning into a very interesting year.  

I have also been under the weather for a while.  Have had a nagging cough and shortness of breath since October that I cannot seem to chase away.  Been to the doctor several times for different drugs and treatment but nothing has really made the difference.  I go back again on Monday for a CT scan to see if they can figure out what is wrong with me.  Not a cold, but something that is just wearing me down/pissing me off.     

That said, I am signed up for my 8th turn in the half marathon this weekend.  No way I am ready for it this time.  With all of the distractions at work and this nagging cough, I have not been training all that much this year.  Seems like I lack the proper motivation.  Even this week is already booked full with a day in probate court and a 2 day road trip to Cincinnati. My brother asked if I would still be doing the half this weekend and I told him affirmative.  This is number 8 and I just can't quit now.  To me, this is the annual reminder of my good fortune and blessings.  

Besides, I am too close to 10 to give up now.  I am just not expecting to set any PRs this year....     


ShadowRun300 said...

I was wondering if you were still planning to run. This weekend, huh? Well hopefully the weather will be nice and there will be plenty of humorous signs along the way. I'm guessing your legs remember what time of year it is, and they'll be just fine. Your knees? Not sure about that. ;) Take it easy and have fun! Then sign up for the next one.
I bet New Year's was quite different without your folks there. End of a long tradition for them. Have they been finding other ways to keep busy and stay young?

Abby said...

Wow, 20 years - quite a tradition! I'm sure your parents were missed. China is unimpressed with fireworks too...
I hope whatever's bringing you down is just a nagging virus that will soon run its course.

And speaking of running its course, it's already half marathon time? This weekend?? Like ShadowRun says, just have fun with it. I'm impressed with your perseverance given your busyness and under-the-weatherness. I'm looking forward to your report. And yes, that's very motivating imagery!