24 January 2016

Gotcha Day

My Golden Beginnings Group has a number of funny traditions.  Regular meet & greets every other weekend, the annual dog show, our annual picnic, several dog centric events (Rice Festival, Barktoberfest, Party on the Plaza, etc.  One of the things that some people celebrate is Gotcha Day.  The day that a person or family adopts someone (person or pet).  Yea, I know it may sound silly, and most dogs don't get the concept of time (except when it is time for a walk or dinner). This is more of a celebration of when someone new joins the family or tribe.  Since we have no idea on when our dogs were born, we tend to remember or celebrate the day they came on board.  Grayson was around Easter in 2009 and Claire was today in 2010.  It was a mere 6 years today that Grayson picked up an accomplice.  At first, we decided to foster another dog to see how Grayson would handle the additional dog and split attention.  We felt it might wear him down and make things less "boring".  At the outset, we had not intention of taking on a second dog.  Claire, however, had other plans.  An incredibly sweet disposition, she showed up with a smile on her face and that constant tongue that seemed to never tire.  After a few days, we were hopelessly hooked and we determined to give her a furever home.      

First truck ride home.
 Partners in crime
Mischief and mayhem 
Always ready for those invaders 
Her favorite pose 
 As I said...
 A good nap buddy
 A regular chick magnet
 Able to nap anywhere
 Always following Grayson's lead
 Never short of attention
 A real ham
Grayson's better half

I'll admit I am having a hard time not having her under foot anymore.  She left a big hole in our lives that's going to be hard to fill.  Whenever I walk Grayson, I still carry her collar and leash with me.  I know it is silly, but it seems like the right thing to do to me. Grayson is a bit out of sorts and trying find his new normal.  On one hand, I think he is feeling guilty that Claire is no long around.  I know he misses her, if not for just keeping him in line.  This past week he seems a bit more clingy, looking for attention when before he had to share it with Claire.  We've tried to give him more attention, love, extra walks, and I think he is enjoying being the top dog again, albeit he is a bit sad/guilty about the whole situation.  It's going to take some time for this scar to heal.  


Tee said...

I have no doubt that our fur babies feel the loss when a loved one is no longer with us. I remember how much Lucy struggled to make room in the family for Bella. And then before we knew it, they were the best of friends. And then Bella was gone and Lucy definitely showed signs of missing her.

And just as you can't leave Claire's leash behind, I could not part with Bella's ceramic food dish. We have no need for it. It's too small for Lucy. Some other dog lover could put it to good use. But I can't let it go.

ShadowRun300 said...

I'm sure Grayson misses her as much as you do and is feeling a little lost. The extra attention is likely much needed and much appreciated. And I'm guessing loving on Grayson helps ease some of your sadness as well.
Love the pictures of the two of them! Such great personalities! Sending more hugs your way....

Abby said...

I actually remember when you brought Claire home to "foster". Six years already?? Our pets definitely leave holes in our lives when they go, and I'm sure that Grayson feels Claire's absence very strongly. When our Domino died, it was like poor China had lost a limb and more. It's good they can live on through our memories.