04 July 2014

Customer service

Happy 4th of July, ya'll!  This is not the favorite holiday for my two furry children.  Try not to eat too many hot dogs or blow something off in celebration.    

Got myself a father's day present.  I have been eyeballing this trinket for a while.  It is a trailer lock from Deadbolt called a Blockhead.  It is designed to keep someone from hooking up and taking off with a trailer.  Normally, I find it hard to imagine someone would be looking to steal an 18 year old trailer, but chance favors a prepared mind.  Always looking for a deal (translation:  cheapskate), I scoured the net for the best price for this lock and found the best deal at e-trailer.com and placed my order.  Took it a while to get here but when it did, I was mildly disappointed.  Turns out they sent the wrong model.  The model I had ordered was a aluminum block that matched the trailer skin.  There is a second model that is in high visibility yellow that is supposed to be some visual deterrent to someone looking to steal a trailer.  Sort of a clear warning flag that to potential thieves  and miscreants to move on.  

Now, both locks are the exact same.  They cover the tongue and are very secure.  I had just wanted mine to be similar in color to the trailer.  I was debating if it was worth the cost & hassle to send it back and get the original block when I got a follow up e-mail from the company asking for my feedback on my order.  I responded that, while I did get the order, the model of the lock was wrong and I was pondering keeping it or sending it back for the other model.  I wasn't really complaining per se, I was just debating my options and letting them know that their actual inventory might be incorrect.  I hadn't made up my mind on the deal when a day later I got a message from the supervisor of Customer Service apologizing for the mix up and indicating that the correct lock was being shipped down along with a return authorization to ship back the other lock.  Pretty much took all of the headache out of the return.  The lock arrived last week and all I had to do was drop the other one in the box and ship it back out.  Easy-peasy.                   

I have to admit, I was not initially impressed with the company when I got the original order, but their response to make it right has really scored points in my book.  I drafted a response back to them thanking them for their efforts.  Good customer service (especially after the sale) is sometimes a lost art dying, but these guys really stepped up and that puts them high on my list.  


Rock Chef said...

That is good, isn't it? I have had very good experiences with web shopping recently, it is seriously affecting me! :-)

Not sure about people not wanting to steal your trailer. At lunch the other day we got talking about camper vans and trailers - the others were drooling when I got them onto your Airstreams!

Abby said...

Darn tootin' on the importance of customer service! True, if they hadn't have screwed up in the first place... But still, how they went about making it right says something.

And yeah, what RC said. You don't have a trailer, you have an Airstream!!

terri said...

I love it when I'm surprised by good customer service. Glad you had such a positive response to your feedback. And now you can sleep a little easier at night, knowing your trailer is safe!