30 June 2014

Paddling as fast as I can...

It's been that kind of week.

Uber busy.  Worked through last weekend trying to finish up some changes to procedures and get some reports out by Monday.  The changes have been long in coming and, honestly, I have kinda procrastinated on getting them done earlier.  Been trying to get them done while doing the normal work stuff, but everyone seems to need my advice/input/comments and I just cannot seem to get any traction during normal hours.  I finally resorted to taking the entire weekend alone at the office to knock out the changes and get them posted.  I've tried the same at home but there are too many distractions (both have fur and tails) and I just couldn't seem to find the right motivation.  I finally got everything done but I am about a month behind.  Implementation will take the next two weeks and I have many other things that are taking top priority.  Got another road trip planned - an audit the week after the 4th in Wisconsin and Chicago.  We have an outside agency coming in the following week to do our annual audit and everyone is getting uber paranoid getting prepared.  I have a ton of stuff to do and little time to do it.  Next few weeks should be interesting...  

Speaking of interesting, I lost one of my buyers last week.  He retired on Friday and I am having to open up the search for a new buyer.  I've had mixed feelings about this deal.  The buyer has been with us for many years, but decided two weeks ago that he was going to retire.  Got an e-mail from him late Friday evening that he was retiring with two weeks notice.  Needless to say, it kinda took me by surprise.  I fully appreciate someone who has worked long and hard towards retirement, but I would have appreciated a bit more a warning about this change.

Update on my dad.  He finally got his surgery appointment scheduled for next month on the 21st.  It is not considered urgent or critical so the date is more of a scheduling deal to fit everyone's schedules.  My dad is not happy with the date (wants it sooner) but he is going take what he can get for now.  I am not exactly thrilled with the prospect of him going under the knife at 91 next month but I am trying to keep a positive outlook.   

And I have a mystery challenge.  While driving along one of the main roads a few weeks ago, I spotted an interesting site.  A bike along the side of the road.  A very orange bike.  From initial glance, it did not appear to be a factory paint job.  It looks like an older bike painted day-glo orange and staged at a certain spot.  I finally took time yesterday on the way up to the trailer and pulled over for a closer look.  No real clue what it means - no sign or posting on it.  I am thinking it was a memorial to a cyclist that might have been killed at that spot much like a roadside cross.  I have tried to search the net for some meaning but have come up dry so far.  


ShadowRun300 said...

I know those kind of weeks! Nice, I guess, that you were able to have a few quiet days over the weekend to get some stuff done. I crave those kind of days at the hotel, but they frown on us closing it down over the weekend. :)
So sorry to hear about your buyer. Tough enough losing a great employee. Even tougher having only 2 weeks notice. Makes me wonder if perhaps something's wrong??
I'm sure your dad is anxious to get the surgery over with. It's so difficult to wait when you're nervous and just want it over with. I'll continue to send good thoughts his (and your) way.
And that bike is quite the mystery. Please share the story if you ever find out!

Abby said...

Busy Busy Busy! All the more special that you took time out to give us an update.

I know what you mean about working at home. Not. Productive. Time.
And I agree. Two weeks notice is more like from a cashier at a retail store, not a long-time corporate buyer. Good luck with your search

You're dad is in great shape for 91, but I can certainly understand your anxiety about his procedure. Hopefully it all goes smoothly!

And yes, bikes like that are usually memorials for passed bicyclists, often for those killed while riding, at the site of the accident. Typically, they're white, but maybe orange had special meaning for this one?

terri said...

It seems really unfair that you have to take time on the weekend to catch up on the things they pay you to do during the week. But I know that's the way it goes sometimes, not to mention that your life has been pretty full lately with everything going on in your world.

It does seem odd that you got only a two week notice of your buyer's retirement. People usually give MONTHS worth of notice before retiring, in my experience. Hope you can find a good replacement.

Glad to hear that your dad got a date on the surgery calendar. I hope all goes well for him. You've always described him as somewhat of a superman, so I'm sure that part of his personality will bring him through this just fine.

I found this article on orange painted bikes: http://southtampa.patch.com/groups/business-news/p/orange-bikes

Maybe you're getting a new fitness center in your area?

Linda said...

Maybe making a detailed list would help. I break down tasks into smaller components and then I am able to check things off. The orange bike campaign link was interesting.

Rock Chef said...

Bikes as art work are becoming increasingly common over here - one shop near here has some bikes covered with knitting, tyres, frame, the lot. Looks fun, but certainly not for riding...

2 weeks notice? Wow, that is short! In my world most people have to give 3 months notice!

Best wishes for your dad, hope he does OK - he is certainly a tough guy!