10 January 2014

Mind your 'Ps'

First full week back and I already am looking for a break.  Things are start to come back on line, the routines are setting in, working to catch up on all the e-mails and projects that hit over the holidays.    

I would comment on our cold snap earlier this week, but it was nothing like the Polar Vortex up north.  Oh, sure, we got down to a balmy 25 degrees down here for two days, but at least we weren't at -17 like some northern climes.  While those temps are manageable to most, our area down along the coast is not geared to prolonged, cold spells.  Whenever we start to head near freezing temps, the newscasts go into overdrive (aka panic mode) warning people to protect the four "Ps"  (People, pets, pipes, plants).  

  • People - there are a number of folk who will go out in t-shirts and flip flops even when temps are in the low 30s.  
  • Pets - some owners down here leave their pets outside 24/7 - they have to  be reminded to bring Fido or Kitty indoors (or set up some shelter).  
  • Pipes - almost every home down here has the pipes running through the attics (the ground shifts too much to run them through the foundation).  A lot of pipes are not insulated properly (if at all) and will freeze if temps fall below 30 for days.  When we bought our house down here 1990, it was right after a hard freeze and many homes had some water damage from burst pipes.  
  • Plants - a lot of the landscaping and plants down here are tropical.  They tend to flourish in the high temps and high humidity of the gulf coast region.  Some, however, do not like the cold at all.  There are several species you will not find very far north of here.  Long ago, I converted all of my bushes over to the more hardy variety - things that withstand the extremes of hot & cold temps and prolonged droughts that we have every other summer.  

It was cold enough that I actually had to go winterize my trailer (drain the water out).  I haven't had to do that in years.  Still, the great freeze of early 2014 was pretty much a nonevent for us.  After a few days of chilly mornings, the temps are back into the 60s for the weekend.  

Burning another vacation day today playing catch up.  I have a several follow up tests/physicals (hearing, stress) scheduled for today that I could not complete before the holidays.  The hearing test was a breeze - just wire me up like a cheap Xmas tree and let the computer run the noise test.  Hopefully, I will survive the stress test this afternoon - it is much like an extended session on the stairmaster.  Doc can be a real sadist on this machine - reminds me of my old drill instructor trying to wear us down.  I should be in better shape, but I haven't been running regularly over the past month.  I wish I had a good excuse, but I am finding it hard to get/stay motivated.  I am slowly getting back into the routine and I know I am going to pay for it next weekend.  

I hope everyone has a good (and warmer) weekend.

8 days


ShadowRun300 said...

8 days? You got lotsa time....

25 degrees for you, -11 degrees for us, -20 degrees further north. It's unusually cold no matter where you live. Around here, people were arrested for leaving their pets outside those few days we were below zero.
Good luck on your upcoming tests. I'm sure you'll pass with flying colors.
And our weekend temps will be in the upper 40s to 50 degrees. Heat wave! :)

terri said...

I can sympathize with how you feel about getting back to work. I only took two additional days off on each holiday week and still felt slammed when I went back to work. As much as I love time off, it is hard to maintain balance at work when it happens.

The weather is all relative to where you live, I know. Up here, we expect to dress like Eskimos and snow plows are a common sight over the winter months. Down there? Not so much.

Abby said...

I've been known to go out in shorts when it's in the low 30's, but not the pets! I know a few people who leave their dogs out all the time. During our latest freeze out, people were narcing on each other - or whatever the pet equivalent is.