05 January 2014

Hello 2014

Starting out the new year already behind.  THAT's not a good sign.  I had hoped to clean up my act a bit and get more organized, but I am still stuck in holiday mode and finding it hard to get motivated.  

First of all, holiday wrap up.  The holidays were  good to us, if not a bit anticlimactic.  Way off our normal year end frenzy. Momma is still spending nights over at SIL taking care of her, so that leaves the house to just me and the dogs.  Kinda quiet over here (except for the occasional football game).  I had hoped to used the rest of the holidays to catch up, but got caught up in some marathon series watching (Walking Dead, Dr Who, Firefly, Breaking Bad).  You can really lose track of time/days if you get hooked on it.  

The New Year Rally went off very well (despite my furnace not working).  It has been a problem I have been working on for a while and I think I got it resolved.  Fortunately, I have electric blankets and a small quartz heater that will take the edge off the cold.  Although, the dogs seem to prefer the cooler temps.  The weather was nice, if not a bit chilly, the dogs liked exploring new territory, got a chance to spend some more time with my parents.  Stephen and Rebecca came out for the New Year's Eve dinner we had with the group so we got to spend a few more hour with them (first time I got to see her since she has been ill).  With this group, we always plan a dinner on New Year's Eve and some games or celebration.  Last year we attended a dinner/theater at a local castle in Bellville.  This year, the hosts decided to have a murder-mystery play along with dinner.  Some people were assigned roles to play and given a script to follow.  The actors were given hints and clues to drop along the way, but nobody (including the actors) knew who really "did it" until the end.  Was a fun evening.  My mom was chosen to play one of the roles.  She was given the role of Lotte Hauptengruben - a floozy/wine merchant/double agent.  Her instructions were to dress up and show some skin/leg.  

Nothing like having your 90 year old mother flashing some leg at the party even if it was all in fun.  

Of course the dogs had a good time just being out of the house for a few days although it looked like Claire partied a wee bit too much champagne the night before.

Can't hold her champagne 
The new year is starting off well.  Looking forward to seeing all of the new surprises/twists that 2014 will bring.  

13 days


terri said...

It IS hard to get out of holiday mode, isn't it? Next week, I'm sure you'll get back into routine along with the rest of us.

The New Year's Eve dinner sounds like a lot of fun! Your mom looks like she's on board for whatever fun is sent her way. Good for her!

And Claire looks like she really got into the New Year's celebrating along with everyone else. Glad the dogs had some fun too.

Abby said...

Happy New Year, Agg! Fun NYE festivities, your mom looks awesome! Claire not so much...

ShadowRun300 said...

As I mentioned on Terri's blog, having not ever been in holiday mode, it wasn't too hard for me to get out of it. One of the benefits or working over the holidays. :)
Nice that you got to spend NYE with the 'kids'.
And have you told Claire that the best way to handle a hangover is to 'bite the dog that bit ya'?

Rock Chef said...

We did a murder mystery dinner once. When we had worked out the error in the map of the room layout it was obvious who the killer was - so obvious that a couple of the players accused someone else because they did not believe it could be that silly!

Claire looks like she is ready for another year of fun and being fussed!

Have a great year!