18 January 2014

Begin with the end in mind

In deference to Steven Covey, whenever I do this run, I always try to focus upon the objective/goal.  Tomorrow (under 24 hours to go), my primary objective will be this:  

Crossing it upright (and still running) would be nice.  

The weather forecast is pretty good:  Sunny, minimal wind. 48 at start time, 68 by the afternoon.  Way better than last year's splashfest.  
Mostly Sunny

Picked up my packet yesterday at the pre-race Health expo.  Picked up another shirt, bib, all sorts of swag.  

This is the first time I didn't buy any new gear/clothes.  I typically get a new set of shorts or shirt or running socks or sleeves, but this year I decided I really didn't need anything new.  My shoes are basically brand new (ASIC Nimbus 14s) at last year's expo but haven't really worn them except for the last month.  Been using my '13s all year and they are still in decent shape.  I did pick up an assortment of energy food/junk.  Gel packs, energy bars, power shots.  These are supposed to give you a boost of energy during the race - I cannot really attest that they work, maybe it's part psychological, but they do work for me a little bit, and, if that is what it takes to make it to the end line, so be it.    

Now I am organizing myself for an early am start.  I plan to head downtown at the crack of early.  I would love to do what Shadowrun did before her run last year - spend the night at a local hotel next to the course but a) I live only 25 minutes away and b) I am too cheap to spring for a downtown hotel ($$$).  Besides, I am hoping to score the same sweet spot right next to the start line (if I get there early enough).     

Laying out the clothes to wear:  long sleeve shirt or a sleeveless with the running sleeves?  Definitely no long pants this year.  Gloves or no?  I am charging up the iPod and trying to organize the music selection - I am trying to build a running playlist.  Something with a lot of good high energy.  

My strategy for tomorrow is simple:  
  • Show up early, stay loose, try to finish before dark.
  • Try not collapse on the course (considered bad form).
  • Start out slow and then back off.
  • Keep moving forward - even if I slow to a crawl, I always keep moving.  It's when I stop is when things start to stiffen up.    
  • Employ Abby's strategy:   One foot in front of the other, repeat! (I've been doing it all wrong the past runs!
And a few more sayings I spotted at the Expo:



Abby said...

Go get 'em! I've never tried those gel things. Wolfgang told me they're gross. Let us know what you think.

I always love the t-shirt assortment! Sending good parking juju your way! (oh, and running juju too!)

terri said...

Where do you keep the energy food? Maybe I wore the wrong stuff when I was running, but none of my shorts had pockets or pouches or anything.

I think that last shirt is for me! I love running... just not while I'm doing it.

Hope you get a good parking spot and have a phenomenal run to the finish line!

ShadowRun300 said...

By now you're probably pulling into your prime parking spot and starting your warm up. I'm happy to hear your weather will be so much better than last year. At least you won't have that to contend with.
I'll be thinking of you today, and sending all sorts of juju your way. You got this!

meleah rebeccah said...


"If you're behind me, you didn't train either"

That t-shirt is friggen hilarious!