10 November 2013

Smoke test

Sometimes, I throw out sayings that I assume that everyone else understands.  Trying to toss out some military or industry jargon to give you the impression that I've got really cool job.  I had a similar discussion with my controller who is from India and did not understand the term "smoke test".  I have to admit that I am not a true country boy, but I do seem to maintain vast array of useless or trivial knowledge on a few things.  Smoke test is an old plumber's term to test the pipes after they have been brazed.  Something about filling the system with smoke to spot any leaks along the line.  According to Wikipedia:  After a smoke test proves that "the pipes will not leak, the keys seal properly, the circuit will not burn, or the software will not crash outright,"the system is ready for more robust testing.    

Actually, this was not my term - it is part of the project leader's plan to make sure everything is copacetic before we turn the system back on on Tuesday.  So far, they are ahead of schedule and we are hoping to fire it back up late tomorrow afternoon.  Lots of IT people in over the weekend making magic in the server room and insuring things got changed.  I keep picturing lots of Mountain Dew, hot pockets and butterfingers (aka Dennis Nedry in Jurassic Park).   

A fairly quiet weekend.  No real agenda, no real plans.  Took the dogs to the dog park yesterday to make up for being out of town the past few weekends.  They were happy with chance to hang out with the other dogs and roll in the mud.  Two guesses on which one got muddier.  Despite the mud and water, both were thoroughly exhausted the rest of the day.  I am debating doing a blog on the dog park scene.  The number of parks around here has exploded over the past few years.  At some parks, there are certain cliques/pecking orders and a certain social etiquette that rivals some soap operas.  Of course, my two dogs are oblivious to all this drama.



ShadowRun300 said...

Ah. So that's how the term "smoke test" came about. Now how did "I hope this turkey will fly" come about? I haven't heard that one before.
Nice that you were able to have a fairly relaxed weekend. You've certainly earned it. Do these dog parks of yours have hoses to spray the dogs down after? I'm trying to imagine you loading a couple of muddy dogs into Elvis.

agg79 said...

Yes they do. Most of them have a wash station to rinse off your precious children before you take them home. I consider it prudent when you consider that your precious child has been swimming in a pond full of dog saliva (major eww factor).

terri said...

I have a habit of reading things like "smoke test," and having just a vague idea of what it means and calling it good. Interesting to know the real meaning behind it.

I have never taken Lucy to a dog park. I'm just not sure how she would interact with a bunch of other dogs.