29 May 2013

Catching up

Sorry for the lack of posts of late.  Given Dave's passing last weekend, being short handed at the office, and the normal holiday shenanigans, things have been somewhat disjointed and, quite frankly, I just haven't been in the blogging frame of mine.  I had hoped to play catch up over the past weekend and make the rounds to everyone's blogs, but got busy in the yard and spending time with the kids and family.  I took a small break from the computer this weekend.   

First of all, thanks everyone for your kind words and prayers.  Many of you have been down the same path and have dealt with the same issues.  Things have settled down somewhat, but it was still a tough pill to swallow.  My wife has been handling his passing fairly well, but her sister has been taking it bit harder.  Being a doctor, she knew this was inevitable and did everything she could to make him comfortable, but it still didn't make it any easier.  The last few months have been somewhat chaotic for everyone - I feel that Dave would not have wanted to be that way.  The daughters are focused upon their mom and her care.  I don't think they have told her of Dave's passing.  They are concerned how it would affect her health and, frankly, we're not sure if she would remember.  Not sure if I agree, but that is their call and I have no vote in that matter.  My fear is that she is not doing well and may not survive the year as well.  In the interim, they had Dave cremated.   Their plans are that, when Anne passes, we will take both their parents back to their home town in Arkansas to be buried with their parents/family.  It is getting harder to deal with aging parents.   

Speaking of aging parents, my mother (the road warrior) has to go the ER last week because of shortness of breath and lack of energy.  Her cardiologist indicated that her pacemaker (been in for 9 years) is starting to give up the ghost and would need to be replaced soon.  She was hoping it could wait until the fall when they get back from their summer travels, but the doc kindly insisted to have it done BEFORE they left.  Kind of a sudden deal, but they were trying not to make a big deal about it.  Given my background with a pacemaker company, I would agree but, still, it did give me a few more grey hairs.    I've personally attended two implants and have a pretty good idea on how the procedures goes.  Not as complicated as I had assumed.  Installing a replacement pacer nowadays is almost considered "out patient" unless there are complications.  The plan was to go in early on Tuesday, have it done and be home by that evening.  They were the first to arrive at the hospital at 0530 and by 0800, the waiting room was full.  They did not roll her into surgery until 1000 (I would have been peeved at the wait) and by 1130, she was done.  Pretty routine surgery (according to the doctor) and no complications issues.  Got a couple hospital visitors to see the nonagenarian lady getting a new device.  She even got to keep her old device as a souvenir   She was out and resting back home by late afternoon.  Doc said she should feel better almost immediately and should be able to travel by next week.  None of the drama like when they first put it in 9 years ago.  They still planning to head north for their annual gathering of the Airstream tribes in South Dakota.  Honestly, if it hadn't been for that small, annoying little procedure, they'd already be halfway to Sioux Falls, by now (her words).  Hard to keep up with those kids.  


Abby said...

You absence is understandable, and you were missed. Thanks for the update, good to see ya! I remember when most of my interactions with friends were about marriages, pregnancies, babies and toddlers... Now it seems that aging parents are the spotlight topic.
Your parents always inspire, though, with their healthy attitudes and lifestyle. Go mom! I'm glad the pacemaker installation went well, but that WAS a heck of a wait!

ShadowRun300 said...

Welcome back, Agg! Sounds like you had every reason to put blogging on the back burner. It's been a crazy couple of weeks for you!
I'm so glad your mom's heart issue was only a speed bump, and that she'll be back to her globe trotting real soon. Quite an inspiration she is! I'd love to follow in her footsteps!

Rock Chef said...

Good to see you!

The pacemaker replacement is amazing! Who would have thought it would be that fast! Bam and back on the road!

The "to tell or not to tell" question is a tough one, not sure what I would want to do in that situation to be honest!

terri said...

Amazing how simple some medical procedures have become. I'm glad to hear that your mom's replacement procedure was uneventful and will barely impact her summer plans. I admire your parents' energy and spunk. If only we could all be so lucky.

Understandable that you needed a break from the online world. Sometimes it's hard to keep up and ends up feeling like another obligation. It's good to give yourself a break when you need it. But I'm glad you're back. Missed ya!

meleah rebeccah said...

Oh, Agg. I am still praying for your mother even though the procedure went smoothly. You've sure had your hands full lately. I am sending you all of my love and strength!