13 May 2013

Mother's Day, strange cars and dog stuff

Had an good Mother's Day.  Spend a few hours over with my mom and dad at their house before going to my brother's place for burgers.  Of course, I took the furry kids with me just to keep them from getting bored and get them out of the house.  They made the rounds mooching off of everyone, getting more a few handouts and generally enjoying being the center of attention.  Claire, being the consummate mooch, was just soaking up the extra attention.   

Saturday the annual Art Car parade.  It is the annual celebration of the creative & kooky side of Houston where the canvas comes with wheels.  Lots of cars with all sorts of unique  and interesting themes.  This show has been going on for a while (this year is the 26th Annual parade).  I've known of the parade for a few years but only attended the parade for the first time last year and made a mental note to attend this year.  Got to see lots of different cars/displays.  Some of the old favorites were there, many new ones.  Not sure what the rules are and what you can or cannot do, but I think the primary requirement is for it to be mobile.  

I was considering taking the dogs as they would enjoy the outdoors and sights & sounds, but the parade posting said to leave Fido home.  Turned out that nobody paid any attention to those instructions as I saw lots of furry critters along the parade route.  May take my two next year.  

And speaking of dogs, an update on the dog front.  Grayson has been pretty patient with his whole procedure and post op care.  Not exactly happy with the horse collar he has to wear, but way happier than the cone of shame.  He did pretty well all week and didn't have any problems, although the collar does generate a bit more sympathy (aka attention) than normal.  The biopsies came back on Thursday negative - so no cancer or other issues to worry about (thanks for all the prayers and blog juju).  I took him in on Saturday to get his staples pulled and get checked out.  He seemed much happier and glad to lose the collar, but later in the day, when I checked him out, I notice that they had not pulled all the staples.  Several were still in place on his back and side.  Did they just miss those?  And the incisions on his neck are still oozing a bit.  The technician said to just put some neosporin on the wounds but I ain't happy with the way they look so I am headed back to the vet today to get him checked out.  So far, this hasn't slowed Grayson down a bit, but I am concerned with the neck wounds and how they are healing.  


Rock Chef said...

Glad the tests were clear, but you are right to chase them about the staples and wounds. Hope he is better soon!

Love the photo of Claire - she really loves a cuddle, doesn't she?

meleah rebeccah said...

What a fabulous weekend! Those crazy car photos are incredible!

And that's great news about Grayson being cancer free!

Abby said...

What a great day. I love the creative cars! Elvis not wanting to go all Cosplay?

I'm glad graysons' growths are just annoying and not scary. But what's with missing the staples? You should get some freebies for that!

lotta joy said...

There's nothing on earth that can compare with a negative biopsy!!! YAY! Life can turn on a dime and you dodged a quarter. Congrats with all my heart.

I liked the toaster car. Very unique. Like you.

terri said...

The Art Car Parade looks like a lot of fun! My family always makes fun of those square cars, calling them washing machines on wheels and such. Making one into a toaster? Hysterical!

Glad to hear that Grayson is cancer free. Definitely make the vet deal with the leftover staples and oozing wounds. That's not right.