20 November 2012


First, let me apologize for the untimely delay in finishing my car tales.  I had fully intended to post the final story over the weekend but I got to looking at these after they were posted and felt I owed ya’ll some pictures.  Back when I originally thought up this meme, I had gathered pictures to go along with each vehicle.  Lord knows I take enough pictures, so I do have a few around the home, but they are all old school Kodak prints and I have to scan them into my computer.  I had done that earlier but when I got my computer virus earlier, all my pictures went MIA.  Not gone, just MIA.  Somehow the registry on the computer has been corrupted and, while the pictures are in the computer somewhere, I cannot access them.  So, I am going to resurrect the photos and post up pictures of each conveyance by this weekend.  Then I will wrap up my final/current car saga (Maria).

In the interim, some of ya’ll might have noticed that I've been absent from the net for a while.  I haven’t posted any witty replies or smart-a%% comments on anyone’s blogs for almost two weeks.  No, I haven’t been abducted by aliens.  No I wasn't in jail.  No, I am not ignoring you guys.  And, No, Comcast didn't drop my access again (except for last night when I couldn't get on at all).  Now let me pause right now and say to Mr. Comcast Customer Satisfaction guy - if you are trolling the net for negative comments regarding Comcast service and how I am not having an "optimum experience", save your sympathies, my friend.  My needs are simple - all I want is my ?#$@%^% internet to work when I come home.  Kapish?  Otherwise I miss out on Meleah’ s Sandy saga or ShadowRun300’s latest baking tease, or Abby’s sketches, or RC's Movember report or Terri's birthday.  Missing all of those makes me more than a bit testy.  

Now, where was I?  Oh, yea, not being on the net.  I have to admit I've been out of town for a few days.  We finally left town on our big vacation and just got back in town yesterday afternoon.  I hadn't posted my plans in advance because I still get paranoid someone will come over to the house and steal all my beer mugs.  Momma and I were off the grid for an extended vacation that I have mentioned in the past.  That trip will be fodder for my next few postings and I promise you some very interesting sites/stories and beau-coup pictures.  Now, I have dropped a few meager hints on our destinations but never really revealed where we were going.  

Here a few clues:

  • A place we have never been to
  • We traveled by car, plane, bus, boat, trolley, tram, and foot
  • Ate way too much food (lobster, eggs Benedict, 
  • Lost money 
  • Took hundreds of pictures
  • Paid way too much for junk (souvenirs)
  • Drank several new beers (Balashi, Polar, Leffe)  
  • Attended a comedy/magic show
  • Stepped on a pop top (actually a fork)
  • Uniform of the day throughout the trip was Hawaiian shirt and shorts 

Any ideas on where we went?

BTW - Happy Belated Birthday Terri!


ShadowRun300 said...

S4TD - had to Google, but I got it. :) Also Googled Balashi, Polar and Leffe, but got no real answer on where you might have been. Places that came up were Aruba and Belgium, but I'm thinking it was closer to home.
I'm goin' with Vegas, because I believe you mentioned you've never been there and would like to go sometime. I'm just not sure the weather was warm enough for shorts. But I DO know you can lose money there. And see a show. And probably try all those beers.
So, yes, I'm stickin' with Vegas.

Rock Chef said...


Where ever you were, I it sounds like a great time!

meleah rebeccah said...

Well, good call, NOT announcing your house would be empty all over the internet. And I am super excited to hear about your vacation.

Also, I hope that computer virus is all gone now. How annoying that must be.

meleah rebeccah said...

PS: Welcome home. I've missed you!

ComcastCares1 said...

We are here to help. Please feel free to contact us at We_can_help@cable.comcast.com.

Rock Chef said...

Haha, that last comment is wonderful!

terri said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes! (I've fallen behind in the blog world too, with no real good excuse!)

Were you in ARUBA???