22 November 2012

Go stuff it

Happy Thanksgiving!

We're slowly getting back to some sense of normal.  Being away from home for a weekend usually puts me a week behind.  Out little vacation was over 10 days and our schedule is completely blown right now.  We have not prepped for any Thanksgiving feast as we normally do each year, but we are planning to break bread with the newlyweds and their parents.  It's the first year of marriage and the first round of "whose house to we spend the holidays at?".  Still, we are immensely thankful for all of the blessings we have.   

For those gorging themselves on turkey and dressing and gearing up for Black Friday, I hope everyone has a great AND safe holiday.  Remember to eat sensibly, exercise and shop wisely.  And if you cannot do any of that, at least have fun!  And take a moment to remember those who cannot be home with families to celebrate the season.  My prayers and thanks go out to all the men and women serving overseas.    

Will hopefully have pictures of the cars up by tomorrow.  

As for the vacation quiz, I think I am being too cryptic.  SR300 got close.  A few more things we did/buy/saw last week:
  • Sampled more local brews (Balboa)
  • Spent 10 days with my 89 year old parents and my two older brothers and their wives (no fisticuffs, we are still talking to each other)
  • Got to tour an incredible engineering marvel
  • Bought a new hat 
  • Smoked a Cohiba 
  • Played several rounds of Mexican Train
And FWIW, I have been participating in the Movember challenge.  Normally, when I go on vacation, I tend to "go scruffy" but usually shave it off when I go back to work.  Shadowrun300 and Abby and RC inspired me to keep the facial hair to see how it looks.  Although each time I let it go, a bit more grey tends to show up.  22 days and growing...

Day 17


meleah rebeccah said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

And I LOVE that picture of you!!!!!!!!!!!!

ShadowRun300 said...

LOVE that look! The hat, the "scruff" the tie.... awesome!
So you DID go far from home. You lucky dog! How cool that your family went too! (And that you're still talking.)
If I'm right, you went to Panama, drank their beer, dressed like Panama Jack and visited the canal. If I'm wrong, then perhaps that's where you SHOULD have gone. lol :)

Rock Chef said...

Happy Thanksgiving from over here too!

And that IS a good look for you!

Abby said...

Well aren't you looking dapper, from where ever it is you've been! I'd say the goatee works, yes it does. Happy Thanksgiving!

terri said...

The facial hair is definitely a good look for you!